Weekly Seasonal Watches: Spring 2022 Anime Season Week 8

AMAIM Part 2 Episode 7

Read the episode review that Irina and I worked on here: Link

Komi Can’t Communicate Part 2 Episode 5

This is the best episode of Komi that I’ve watched so far. From the silent snow man building scene in the beginning to the Evangelion music (or just classical music when Shinji held Kaoru in his eva for a long time) playing while Komi supposedly takes down some people in a snow ball fight. Then a part that is basically like the Uno but anime styled except with Hanafuda. Also, we get Komi’s granda who is an amazing character. What is not to like here? This is the almost perfect episode because Yamai wasn’t in it enough to be annoying. Amazing and heart felt all around.

New Legend of the Galactic Heroes Season 3 Episode 11

The crazy fortress vs fortress battle continues with some Rosenritter killing the forces that tried to occupy Iserlohn and then some fleet battles. It is awesome seeing the Rosenritter cleaning up shop like they usually do and then seeing Merkatz stand up to destroy a lot of Mueller’s fleet through some really good tactics. The fact that Kempf is so desperate for a win and Mueller is worried leads to some really complex feelings for them. Especially since I know how the battle will turn out for them.

The better part of all of this is they don’t even know that Yang isn’t there. It was leaked to the imperial forces that Yang is gone from the Iserlohn fortress and everything, but Kempfy really refuses to believe it because it could be another trick. All of which led to Kempf sending the message home in a wrong fashion “we have the advantage”. The FPA are holding out because of a good staff, but all of them refuse to accept its not Yang. Welp, they are screwed.

Tiger and Bunny Season 2 Episode 8

A much interesting or dramatic sort of episode for Tiger and Bunny this time. Especially centered around our new Thomas friend who we get to know a bit more and see that his trust issues will never get solved. Not since he was an orphan and even with Barnaby’s work at trying to get them trusted, but the nice people Thomas helped are robbers and that completely over written it. No good happy ends for Thomas yet. Oh, the twin murders were out there too just doing things. Or Barnaby himself was targeted at the end of the episode for a stinger. So it feels like we are getting to the end of this first cour in a good manner. I like it.

Aoashi Episode 8

After the failure that was Atoshi’s attempts at trying to make it to the a team and also how much he just sucks when it comes to basic skills, he has a crisis. He calls home to worry about how much it is costing his mother and brother to pay for him being there. He also starts practicing the basics outside during off hours when he should be sleeping. Eventually, his tow friends from camp practice with him and his room mate who Atoshi somehow endured himself to. Very good and typical sports stuff of all of them working together to get stronger.

Spy X Family Episode 8

Yor’s younger brother Yuri, an interrogation expert by the Ostanian Secret Police, shows up to check out the marriage between Yor and Loid. You know, after Anya failed badly with fractions in math class. I love this sort of stuff. It is very Spy x Family to its core by taking normal things and pushing them a bit further by putting it through this series’ lens. This could be a normal younger brother asking about Yor and Loid’s marriage, but its pushed further a bit and that’s why its so funny. Everything is so relatable and strange and Spy x Family can just do that so easily its scary good. Love this show.

Love Live! Nijigasaki Season 2 Episode 9

For the longest time, I think a lot of us thought of Lanzhu as an opponent and not some lonely girl with tunnel vision that can’t see the connections around her. Same with Mia Taylor who could only see Lanzhu listening to her music and not performing with her own voice. After Mia finally accept being an idol and singing, she was finally able to connect to Lanzhu to stay and become an idol. Not a solo idol, but an idol that can work with the group and form new units. It is a very good and touching episode with a great English song by Mia Taylor’s seiyuu who can clearly speak English fluently. Exceptional stuff here.

Requiem of the Rose King Episode 20

Man, every episode is just going to be another episode of stress. Especially this one where Richard is suddenly sick so his life is falling apart again. Children are escaping, people are plotting against each other. This episode is moving towards York with its cast where Richard will take up his place and rule with an iron fist as he starts to die. Then there is Buckingham who first wanted to chain Richard down to his bed so they wouldn’t become king, Buckingham would rule, and such. Well, that’s not happening as now Buckingham is sending an assassin after Richard. Man, that’s some crazy stuff in it. So much stress watching this show.

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