Jon Creator Showcase: June 2022 Edition Start

I unfortunately cannot link the previous Jon Creator Showcase because their domain is currently unavailable. But, it was a good time and a lot of people were attached to this project. Be sure to give Crimson a follow on twitter.

So let’s get this Jon Creator Showcase underway after a month off. I am going with another theme. Last time was Gundam OO related, but this time its time to dig into something more retro with a Captain Harlock theme. We are signing up people for the Arcadia to fight off the Mazone. Or just being cool pirates so that’s cool times. Captain Harlock is one of the coolest people in anime history, so who wouldn’t want to be apart of the Arcadia.

This is a showcase for people around the community. With the month off, I am going to slightly adjust the rules for this time around.

You can choose one post from April OR May and get me to see it. You are only submitting one post.

For Twitter

  1. Select the post you want to submit.
  2. Place it on twitter with the #TheJCS hashtag so I can see it.
  3. Tag Three more people to do the same thing.

To make it a lot more easier for me, please put it on my twitter thread here:

If you don’t have twitter.

You can do either of these options

  1. Post your post from April or May in a comment here
  2. Send me your post through the contact page
  3. Tag me in the post you want me to see

It’s a little harder for the third one, but I will see it.

When to post bye

Please submit by the 28th of June. I will need some time to put this post together.

Does it need to be a blog post

No. It can be a podcast or a piece or art of anything that people can see online. Do not be afraid to post what you want other people to see.

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