Weekly Seasonal Watches: Spring 2022 Anime Season Week 9

AMAIM Part 2 Episode 8

Read the episode review that Irina and I worked on here: Link

Komi Can’t Communicate Part 2 Episode 6

Another really good episode of Komi, but not as good as last week but its about as close as it could get. The first third of this episode was so good. Najimi just showing up to Tadano’s house and then the phone calls that interpreted characters during a moment that could have been great. I find all of that amazing. For just a shrine visit on January 2nd. Even the joke of Yamai coming back from Hawaii was good and I hate her.

Next segment of Katai asking Tadano for an ice skating visit was good and the ending of Komi being confused at Katai and Tadano holding hands together was hilarious. Then that sweetness of the episode was brought up with Komi helped a sick Tadano to feel better. I love all of this. Such a well balanced episode that has almost everything in it besides Komi’s grandma.

New Legend of the Galactic Heroes Season 3 Episode 12 (Season finale?)

I’m not so sure whether this is a season finale or not. It left on a massive cliff hanger. After Kemp and his forces where outwitted by how well connected Yang, who is returning with a flight, an Julian are in this conflict that they are losing (poor man), the episode ends with Kemp planning to ram his fortress into Iserlohn. Yeah, and that plan doesn’t happen yet. Maybe next week if there is an episode? Or something? But this was a very good episode for sure. Just needs on more.

Tiger and Bunny Season 2 Episode 9

This show man. It has been hitting pretty hard recently and this episode is the best one so far to me. It’s sad saying that when Bunny himself is completely out of a speaking role because he’s in a coma in a hospital. The twin villains don’t even want to kill him because he’s out. With that, Tiger is out on the streets trying to find the mad bomber and breaking some codes. People are worried about him as much as they are for Bunny. In the end, It’s Tiger out on his own about to be attacked by the twins. Not to mention the NEXT serum that magnifies NEXT abilities. A lot of crazy things going on in this episode here.

Aoashi Episode 9

This is an episode where we see a lot of Atoshi’s progress. From the opening scene of Atoshi learning from his biker gang room mate basic skills to eventually seeing how much he has progressed when practicing with his team mates in Team B. This is where our harsh judge says our guy is at the starting line. Everyone also notices, from a quick lunch interaction, that he also has good eyes. Aoi really showed some growth when facing the ridiculous amount of people in different numbers. Of course, he makes one mistake and gets two team members mad at at him. Now the next lesson: why are they mad? Really good episode.

Spy X Family Episode 9

A pretty simple about how Yuri, Yor’s younger brother that works for the state police, shook Yor and Loid’s fake relationship. Especially after Yuri came home beaten up and bloody from what Yor did to him. Yor is worried about Loid not trusting him and Loid wants to know if she knows her brother is working for the secret service. So obviously in disguise, Loid discovers he can trust her. The wholesomeness is back in the end and this episode didn’t progress much, but it was very good regardless.

Love Live! Nijigasaki Season 2 Episode 10

Really simple and comfy episode this week. Kasumin as the president of the idol club wants people to see her as the president after the three newbies show up. So obviously, the answer is a sleep over with these girls for Kasumin to assert her dominance. So the episode is a lot of activities that Kasumin just ends up losing everything. Then lanzhu wants a photo with all of them. It’s jsut a really good and cute episode with us seeing these new girls finally getting to know the other idols a bit more. A good welcome episode that I just like a lot.

Requiem of the Rose King Episode 21

It’s very interesting that now is the time that Richard decides to care for his family. Now that he is in York again, Buckingham wanting to either kill or run away with him with the assassin that looks like the older King Henry who passed away in the first half. It’s too bad that the conspiracy between the two, a third party, is happening to stop any decision from happening. Our masked man from previous sessions started an uprising in Kent focused on the former King’s kids that causes Richard to think Buckingham betrayed him and vice versa. Some really good drama that I continue to enjoy still even if it stresses me out more and more all the time.


  1. Sounds like this week’s episodes were filled with good balanced stories, but there wasn’t many major turning points. Some times we all need a few calmer episodes between the high action stuff, just to get a breather. Thanks for the up date!

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