Weekly Seasonal Watches: Spring 2022 Anime Season Week 10

AMAIM Part 2 Episode 9

Read the episode review that Irina and I worked on here: Link

Komi Can’t Communicate Part 2 Episode 7

Really cute episode. Especially since Komi thought she had to come with an excuse to help Tadano while he was sick to Najimi and Tadano himself. She is a little nervous thing and its so interesting seeing her deal with something beyond her usual control. Then Komi’s interaction with Tadano about being scared and never actually going to Kyoto in Junior High. A lot of levels of good explanation for why Komi is the way she is is placed in this episode and its really good stuff. But there is also a narcistic character that showed up and woo. Go them I guess. Yeah. Let’s just get more Komi and Tadano stuff there please.

Tiger and Bunny Season 2 Episode 10

Man, this show is really kicking in to over drive now. The two twins are here to take on our heroes and their anonymity is messing things up. Fire Emblem and Sky High are now out of commission like Barnaby is. Also, now Lightning Kid and Origami Cyclone, after a seemingly good fight that they got the edge on one twin, turns out its all a lie and they are teleported away to who knows where. Thomas was able to help everyone with his cool head and research, but it wasn’t enough. Man, these poor heroes.

Aoashi Episode 10

The main theme of this episode is communication. It is Spring Break and those Tokyo people are able to spend some time home away from campus while Aoi is stuck there. That means Hana randomly appearing and taking him to his high school that has curriculum around soccer games. The main thing that gets me about this part is that Hana never looks Aoi in the face. She merely gives him a meal plan and only thinks of him in terms of the brother she couldn’t feel feelings for romantically. Isn’t her trying to get Aoi into that person grooming even if they are the same age? This was something that I thought about during work today. Aoi was right for yelling at her.

The episode moves onto school where Aoi tries to go over what he should have done for the goal that he flubbed in the game last episode. Of course, tensions fire when Aoi continually puts himself in the place of shooting that goal in the first place. I think the most important part of this show isn’t him getting at soccer, but him actually realizing that there are other people around him and they are perfectly capable of playing and scoring too. He hasn’t thought about that at all yet. Well he figure that out in time for the next game? Well, hopefully.

Spy X Family Episode 10

This episode was merely focused on the Volley Ball Chapter of the manga and the flourishes they added were just a lot of fun because I couldn’t stop laughing. The episode is full of these training montages of Yor and Anya trying to get ready at this which showed how skilled Yor was vs Anya who is just struggling. Some classic martial arts sorts of training that I love. Then Damian and the other boys who had their own training from the pointless things they did on the playground versus the DBZ sort of training they thought they were doing. No one was able to defeat the six year old that looks forty. But that’s ok, because it was worth it for the insanity anyway.

Love Live! Nijigasaki Season 2 Episode 11

This episode really was a lot of nothing. It wasn’t bad or anything, but I feel like it was trying to capture a lot of the bit of class level drama that all the other Love Live series have had and it doesn’t work as well as it could because you don’t know what grade level everyone is. It has never been well announced or focused on during the entire episode. Karin feels sad thinking about moving onward while watching the others study and contemplate going to Love Live maybe if they want to. There were good moments, but very blah about this episode.

Requiem of the Rose King Episode 22

This episode, like all other Rose King episodes it seems, hurt a lot. Yes, Buckingham started heading for London with his forces and Richard decided to come after him. Where did they meet due? The forest they ran away from the world for a bit in in their classic romance. The battle itself doesn’t matter, but Richard’s forces destroyed Buckingham’s due to the weather. So the real encounter was Richard and Buckingham in the forest where the usual dichotomy between the two was switched and Richard was asking Buckingham to run away. But in the end, the sadness came as Richard put Buckingham to death because their relationship was right for each other in the highest moments of the show. It’s so sad to see it go. Now I wonder where the show is going to go from here to end Richard’s story, but I am waiting on bated breath.

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