Manga Review Shorts: Legend of Dai Volume 2, Crazy Food Truck Volume 1, and To Strip the Flesh

This is yet another cool set of manga from Viz Media that you can dive into this time. This is another case of where I don’t have a lot to say about all of them to fill longer posts. But, I did enjoy all of them in their own ways. Considering that I don’t have the rights to post any pictures of these, so this feels like the best format to post about all of them in a short amount of time. Let’s get into these pieces of manga.

Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai Volume 2

It’s more good adventure stuff with Dai, his partner Popp, and the new tomboy that joins them name Ma’am that does healing magic and fires spells in a gun. This is the first part of the story that occurs after Dai leaves the island and Popp and Dai’s master Avan is dead. Some there is some natural tension as Dai gets a little stronger and faces stronger foes. Pretty classic shonen action fair with some cool looking spells and magic. A lot of simple but good emotional points too and that’s all really cool. Would recommend if you like shone battle stuff.

You can find this manga here: Link

Crazy Food Truck Volume 1

Crazy Food Truck really does take people on a fun ride. It starts out with a man named Gordon driving a Food Truck in a waste land and looking to sell food somewhere, which is already a good hook in my opinion. Then he runs into a naked girl named Arisa who is on the run from the police and eventually we learn more about this person named Gordon and what the food truck can do. So it really is an insane ride, but there is a lot of quiet and fun moments too. This manga relaly does have almost everything.

This manga can be found for purchase here: Link

To Strip the Flesh

This is a series of short stories digging into the inner parts of people to reveal who they are and how they may or may not be who they want to be. The first one is definitely the strongest as it is a trans story of a boy named Chiaki who tried to be the best daughter for his father after his mother’s death and also wanted to go hunting but the father wouldn’t let them. After that fact, he decides to get surgery and just become their truth self and is actually accepted by the father for doing that. Other stories don’t hit as hard as this one, but they are just as good at examining different people and its generally really good.

Find this manga for purchase here: Link


  1. Crazy Food Truck and To Strip the Flesh both sound really interesting. I love a good “see where it goes” adventure story, and its always nice to see trans stories get some attention. Might have to get both šŸ™‚

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