Weekly Seasonal Watches: Spring 2022 Anime Season Week 11

AMAIM Part 2 Episode 10

Read the episode review that Irina and I worked on here: Link

Komi Can’t Communicate Part 2 Episode 8

Very funny episode for the most part. The Kyoto trip happens and the bus tour guide Ryoko automatically endears herself by getting something wrong and the episode becomes more and more funny as the kids ignore her on the tour and Ryoko gets more and more exacerbated by these kids as they refuse to listen to her or she just finds them completely strange, which they are. Those following with Komi and Tadano being sweat are great too. Then there are the typical things I hate like Yamai being horny again, but the guys in a room taking off their shirts and taking photos of each other by calling it art was legitimately funny. So generally, another good and solid episode yet again.

Tiger and Bunny Season 2 Episode 11

Man, there are such heavy things going on here in some really honest moments that mean a lot. Same with all the characters being more true to themselves too. The heroes are going into lock down now because they could be attacked anywhere. Yet, there are so many good moments in this episode between Blue Rose and Ryan that were just great. From Blue Rose seeing her friends at their break out concert to the two actually hurting one of the twins together. Also, Rock Bison was the grown up pushing the kid heroes to safety. The petty twins came back for their NEXT serum and took the three veterans out and the episode ends with Tiger showing up to his hero area destroyed and Bunny finally waking up. Man, this is getting crazy serious and crazy good.

Aoashi Episode 11

A very good episode that Aoi actually learned about team work? In the midst of a Team B game where Tokyo Esperion Team B was losing, the drama between Aoi and the other two forwards was felt through out the episode as the one causing a rift between the team itself. So what happened? Aoi actually started looking at his two team mates and he allowed them to score. An important learning method for all of us.

Spy X Family Episode 11

An episode where Anya might not be skilled in anything besides being a psychic, but she did try and help a boy from drowning in a swimming pool, so she is a good natured kid. A lot of interesting fall outs of taht with Loid talking to his boss and then Anya at school wearing here award proudly while Damien actually defended her which is a start from our tsundere kid. Very simple yet very good too. Makes me very happy to see this and the dog coming in next episode.

Love Live! Nijigasaki Season 2 Episode 12

A good episode of this show that not only feels like it has more of a direction then last time, but has a connection with the franchise itself and a possible hint towards what the show might do in the future. Yuu and Ayumu’s friendly “Rivalry” with both of them thinking about how they want to push forward more then staying int hes ame place. Lanzhu is forming her own unit with Shioriko and Amelia and I think that will be so good. Also, the idol group sending a message to all the idols about to compete for Love Live was incredibly swear and powerful way to end this episode.

Requiem of the Rose King Episode 23

Richard finally says his goodbyes. That’s what this episode is about as he marches onto face the powerful foe, Richmond, that seeks to see Richard as a clown as he tries to take the throne of England with his own dubious line to it as well. With Buckingham gone, there is only his family that is slowly dying. Richard lets his son go so he won’t have to face torment as he and Anne are sick and are due to die. The last moment between mother and son where Richard accepted his fate, because he knows he is marching to die and not to live, was the lynch pin of it all. Richard knows he is doomed and his mother, this person who has hounded him for the rest of hims life, shows love for the first time. He really has nothing to live before anymore. Everything is resolved for him. Man, episode 24 is going to hurt.


  1. The Kyoto Trip in Komi-san was funny. I am enjoying the show so much.

    Also, I just wanted to let you know that your weekly seasonal watches inspired me to do my own version of an anime review. So, thank you!

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    1. I know right, it really is just such good pieces of humor too.

      Oh, thanks so much. That means a lot to me and that is just the coolest thing I’ve heard today :).

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