AMAIM Warrior at the Borderline Episode 24: Action, Action, Action Part 1

These episode introductions are hard. I am honestly not sure what to say regarding this episode because it kind of is what it is. Stuff we knew was going to happen with the drama that we thought were going to happen.

But Hi Irina, hope you had at least an ok Monday. To me, it felt like I was stumbling through a lot of it today though the traffic was great. I honestly got through so many more green lights than usual today because I have some innate curse. Something that is rare for me because I feel like I am cursed to hit red lights wherever I go. Maybe that is where my karma went…

Hope you haven’t been too busy, Irina.

I was thinking the same thing about this episode. I think the all action episodes are the hardest to talk about. Especially as this is a part 1 of 2. We don’t even know how everything plays out yet. You can talk about the circumstances a bit and maybe talk about the animation itself and then what?

I have to admit, I’m glad I’m not leading this one, sorry Scott!

(It’s Fine)

As pretty sick yesterday (Monday). I hadn’t slept and I was exhausted all day. I had a low grade headache that never stopped, my muscles were sore all over and I had no appetite. But I’m doing much better today (Tuesday), In fact I’m fine. It’s amazing what a good night’s sleep will do for a person.

Since I really don’t have a lot of things to say about this episode because it went into the predictable package we thought about, Anilist is now showing that next week is the final episode. I honestly can’t believe that because there are too many balls up in the air right now. I’m kind of stunned and waiting for an announcement of a part 3 because it feels crazy right now.

I mean, this episode is an all out battle while drawing out as much tension as possible. Amou vs Brad Watt at his most crazy, Gashin vs former Brad Watt follower with the pink hair in which she knows Gashin’s Aim’s weaknesses, and it feels like Shion has some tension on her side perhaps. Then there is the battle in the background that Alexei and others are a part of that are losing. It is a large amount of things to focus on and then conclude in two episodes.

I don’t think they’ll wrap everything up. They’ll show the end of this battle and maybe give us a flash forward but you’re right, they don’t have time to untangle all the political knots in the series.

I also am starting to resign myself to the idea that Brad just ‘went crazy with power’. I don’t like that characterization. If you hadn’t come up with the idea, I would never have even thought of Ghost as a corrupting force for an explanation and really there’s not enough in the show to foreshadow it properly. There is a way to do th mad with power trope but this is too brusque. 

I also couldn’t help but laugh at German Goer’s scene where he is being shot at by a guy with a pistol. I couldn’t help but laugh at German saying “how antiquated” and then pulling out a pistol that is almost the same one as his pursuer is using. Am I the only one perhaps? It was just kind of silly in other ways too. 

Do you think that the show is going to end after the suited people take out all the problems in the North American Coalition’s forces or do you think it is going to be something else for it? I am just trying to find something to attach to here.

I did like the old fashion one on one pistol fight in the middle of an epic mecha battle. I thought that was a nice touch. What is more bizarre to me though, is that the show seems to be telling us that Germain is an independent agent and a one man operation.

See, I thought he was just the figurehead of his organization and that there were at least a handful of guys behind the scenes making things happen while he sipped his undefined menacing drink in oddly empty rooms. We have only seen him talking in meetings. If that’s all it takes to be such a large scale weapons dealer that he is dealing directly with governments in times of war, I can be one as well! I bet it pays better.

And with me doing everything completely out of order, but I love the opening shots. It had so much interesting build up to the fight happening. Some really cool shots of the Japanese countryside and then seeing some of the mecha in the scenery before it starts too. And then so many shots of the countryside again while in the middle of the action too. I know it probably wasn’t supposed to be something, but it really does emphasize these horrible fights in some beautiful settings.

I think it was to better establish how horrible it’s going to be when they destroy that country side. I get it. Japanese experience with armed conflict on homeland soil is pretty horrific. 

Ok, back to the fights with the main three because I don’t believe in being linearity. I mean look at my blog. But anyway, I don’t really have a lot of things to say regarding the fights that Shion and Gashin are in because while they are challenging to them, they really are fights to keep Amou and Brad Watt isolated from each other. So basically, it keeps the two busy while all of that is happening. Some pretty cliched things are going on there for tension, but it’s still alright. 

The fight between Amou and Brad Watt was pretty crazy even if some of it felt a bit forced because of Brad Watt having gone crazy and not using any life support systems and how Amou and him are at an equal place because of safety procedures. The character stuff was interesting, but the fight did feel like people slamming swords onto each other. The most interesting thing was the end where Kenbu stopped functioning. That was a powerful cliff hanger.

I wish I had more to say about this episode. It was a very good sort of combat episode that had all the right focuses and right amount of time to set the stakes and all the combat fights being shown all around there too. Some cool scenery and some good fights too. Just very predictable stuff in some ways. So it was ok.

So what do you think, Irina? Do you think this well get wrapped up here or do you think we are in for another part?

I didn’t mind the fight between Amou and Brad except for what I already mentioned. I don’t like Brad just going crazy. I think it’s cheap characterization and it was unearned. The animation itself was well made and that specific battle was really tense but with the motivation being so all over the place, I had a lot of trouble getting into it.

AMAIM did the thing that 95% of all wartime anime always do: thighs are darkest before the dawn. And this was a dark episode. Things are going very badly. The alliance is losing ground and losing men left and right. And it was hard to watch for me. I perfectly understand that this is what war is like, only actual war is way way worse. And I don’t enjoy watching actual wars unfold either. 

So personally, I’m ready for things to start looking up. Even though Amou seems to have just lost Gai and control of his AMAIM so I’m not sure how things are going to get better… But they will, right?


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