#TheJCS Jon Spencer Showcase: June 2022 Edition

I came into this post with some sort of plan to make it nice and fancy like last time,but I haven’t really had the time for that. You see, if you have seen what I did last time, I was thinking about doing something similar to that with Celestial Being like last time, but with Captain Harlock instead. That won’t happen, but I will still post some cool things that other people have created for April and May, so I think that itself is a good thing.

So, let’s start diving in!

Anime Related Posts


By Core Reviews

Have you watched the epic anime series known as Vinland Saga? One really cool and deep show that has so many cool things going on for it? Can I possibly hype the series up even more? Possibly, but why bother when Core Reviews does that already so well in this post. Read this post and then watch Vinland Saga.

Fate/Apocrypha Extra Route 1 – Fate’s Battle Royale

By Jon Spencer

Are you a reader of Jon Spencer’s blog? Have you noticed that he has started a long journey through fate recently and he has made this latest stop to Fate/Apocrypha? Know what that series is about, why it stands out, or even if its good? Well, you know where to stop for this fate series and all the others as the journey continues.

Miss Kuroitsu from the Monster Development Department

By Fred Heiser

I remember hearing about this show in a lot of different places around social media and other places and just…watching seasonal anime is hard because there is too much of it. This series sounds like a lot of fun and as someone who has gotten into Tokusatsu recently, I want to check this one out.

Healer Girl Episode 8 Review – Best In Show

By The Crow

Healer Girl is yet another seasonal show that I just haven’t had enough time to get into yet and here we are with a post about the eighth episode. One that sounds like a pretty classic but good sort of drama that can’t be found in a lot of places. To find out more, read this good post.

The End of Evangelion: Or How I Stopped Caring and Learned to Drink the Tang

By Dewbond

Well, this is a post that reminds me how much I am not going to agree with people about everything. Sometimes reading and trying to understand someone else’s point of view can be a good thing. The End of Evangelion is a movie that has been looked at and analyzed by people for years and here is another point of view of the series itself.

Kiniro Mosaic: Thank You!!- An Anime Film Review, Reflection and Full Recommendation

By Infinite Zenith

Kiniro Mosaci is another one of those moe slice of life shows that feels like was lost in the sea of moe series from the late 2000’s to early 2010’s. But this is a review of a film that also says goodbye to members of its cast too. Sounds like a good, relaxing, and emotional time that will hit a lot of places.

Villains that know they are evil and don’t care

By Art of Anime

This post is a lot of fun. Such a great expression of villainy here. Not every villain needs to be the most complex person in the world. Especially sine we live in a world where people don’t have motivations to be evil, they just are and this is a great post that exemplifies that sort of energy.

Anime Spoiler-Free Review: Lupin the IIIrd Jigen’s Gravestone

By Matt-in-the-Hatt

Following the success of The Women Called Fujiko Mine, Takeshi Koike created some ovas of Lupin the third following the same sort of style of that anime series. This was created and this review captures a lot of the flaws and positives of one of those ovas. Very simple and well written too.

Girls Und Panzer Das Finale 1 [Anime Review]

By Matt Doyle Media

This is a very interesting place or time period to have read this review because as of this moment, I still haven’t checked out Das Finale yet. I just rewatched the Girls Und Panzer film last night. Sounds like it is a fun time and it if holds up by a person who hasn’t indulged in the franchise yet, then it sounds like it did its job successfully. Very good review.

Dance Dance Danseur Episode 5 Review

By Haru

This is a post that makes me wish that I started this show during the start of the Spring season, because there were just too many good shows that came out during that time period. Dance Dane Danseur is a dancing anime that has had a lot of acclaim and this episode feels very pivotable in a lot of ways in this well articulated post. It’s definitely going to go on my very long back log.

Anime Corner: 86 Review

By NeverArgueWithAFish

86 was one of those anime series that took the world by storm when it came out. A really good mecha series that just has everything and its so cool because of that fact. It really is a wonderful and great impeccable drama in the best and well contextualized things too. This post really does say everything that is great about it, so read this post and check out 86.

Teasing Master Takagi-san 3

By Cody Senpai

A pretty solid review about a show that had a fantastic season end recently. This post captures how cute it is and just genuinely how comfy the show is. A good post for a good show.


By Jack Scheibelein

Bubble was a movie that was announced to appear on Netflix with a lot of big named staff members and some cool looking sakuga in the trailer we saw too. It was definitely a movie that came out. Jack’s post captures the positives and negatives of Bubble in this post, so read it and find out if the movie is for you.

Sasaki and Miyano – Check out My Complete Anime Review!

By The Anime Tourist

Man, Sasaki and Miyano. Such a wonderful and comfy sort of BL series with a lot of just cool and comfy things for them too. There are many aspects of the show that helps make it work as well as it does and its great all over too. Some clean and captured things too as well here too.


Magical Girl Apocalypse (Volume 5)

By Lynn

It is very interesting jumping into a manga post about something that is five volumes into it, because it really feels like you have to put together a lot of thoughts on the world and characters by yourself. But this post does make this manga sound a lot of fun and pretty chaotic too which I am sure is the draw of the manga too. Sounds like a fun time.

The Music of Marie Review

By alsmangablog

The Music of Marie sounds like a manga that has some cool bits of aesthetics and drama of materials of this manga really feels really unique and well pictured. Alsmangablog really dog log into a lot of good material on her blog from things I’ve never heard of before and this is a manga that I really should go out and look into.


The Anime Nostalgia Podcast – ep 107: Unico: Awakening interview with Samuel Sattin

By Dawn and special guest Samuel Sattin

I don’t think that I’ve ever said this here, but I am a very frequent listener to the anime nostalgia podcast. I always learn something new about anime culture from way back or just older anime franchises, and this is a special case where I learned about Unico and the passion people have to bring it back into the world itself. It was a great listen, like all of the Anime Nostalgia Podcasts.

Manga Talk: Uncle From Another World volume 1&2

By FatherOfVash

Coming next month is an anime adaptation of this series, which involves a person who has been in a coma since the 90’s but has a fantasy adventure in a world until he returns 17 years later. So he returns home and it feels like a wholesome series of an uncle and a nephew returning back into society. It sounds like a lot of fun. Listen to this short podcast to know more.

Demystifying ‘I Spit On Your Grave’

By Cinema Cauldron

A somewhat long and interesting sort of podcast for a film series that I’ve never heard about, I Spit On Your Grave. A very heavy horror film series that covers the concept of rape and revenge for it. I’m always astonished that so many series that I’ve never heard about has existed and I feel like this franchise will click for a lot of people that I know about.


Corpse Party (2021) English Dub [Gameplay Preview]

By Syndromedia (With Lindz Vachon from Twitter)

I can’t help but say that I am interested in checking out this game now that there is a really good sounding english dub of this game. With the little bit of game play, we see some really good voice acting. I only knew about the anime itself, but now I want to know a bit more.

[COMIC DUB] Collin’s Admirer Part II by TalosLives and Nauyaco (Helluva Boss)

By FoxMattVA (featuring Ryder_Krystal2 from Twitter)

Comic book dubs are always fun. A great way to start getting into an a new web comic or otherwise by seeing some really good voice acting and this one feels like a somewhat raunchy one, but very good voice acting with great comedic timing. I kind of dig it.

The Problem With Code: Realize | 2bricacityTranslations

By 2briacityTranslations

I wasn’t sure where to post this post because it’s a video about an anime adaptation of an Otome game, so I put it here. So here we see a person who has played Code: Realize poke at some of the flaws of having it being turned into an anime and some of the advantages of it too. Very much for those people who have at least played the game or watched the anime if not both either.


Musings of an Otome Newbie

By Religiously Nerdy

A short, but good post about one’s journey from being engaged with Otome series to eventually finding what they like about it and digging into it even further. While I am not an Otome fan, this is a very relatable journey for all of us.


By Oona Tempest

Another very simple and easy to read review of this cool sounding Otome game. Very user friendly for those people who want to check it out without with the nitty gritty details being explored and explained a little bit more later. Sounds like a fun time.

Publishers Please Do Better By Western Otome Gamers

By Beck Naja

I find this article very interesting because it shows how some big publishing companies connect with audiences in seeing any sort of demand through numbers and not much else. So its interesting to see how Koei was doing that to bring over some otome sounding titles to the world while smaller companies do much more of them too. Some cool and creative aspects for things them too. Please check this post out to know more.

How Koei Tecmo destroyed Otome Twitter

By Kaylaslovely and Yana

Following from Naja’s post, this video covers what Koei did towards basing interest in Otome was by the sales numbers of a non otome game. It’s kind of crazy that something like this could be broken through out the series. That’s a lot of things to think about regarding one company being a large company that only bases things on numbers.

Who voiced that character!? Junichi Suwabe (諏訪部 順一) – Otome Game Lessons

By PeachTheOtome

A focus on the English voice actor regarding Junichi Suwabe from more of an otome front then a lot of anime career. Especially regarding this voice actor’s voice and how he played different roles in otome games. Especially interesting since so many voice actors usually have their careers analyzed from the anime they are in and not as much as the video games there.


The countryside town which changed Japan [SEKIGAHARA]

By Igirisujen

This was such a relaxing post to read. Sounds like a great look at a sort of Japanese town with a lot of cool places to visit and so many other things. Check out this post to see some cool photos of a place you haven’t been to and so many things too.

5 Shows Like Miraculous Ladybug You Should Be Watching

by TheNerdGirlNews

The Miraculous Ladybug is a series that I have heard a lot about and it feels like, from having watched a lot of these shows affiliated to it, that I might like this show too. It has gotten a lot of attention and I’ve heard about it from a lot other places, but I haven’t dug into it yet.

MHAM | Music Monday | Utada Hikaru —  BADモード(BAD MODE)

By Pieces of Minty

At some point, I am going to have to dig more into J Pop, because the only Japanese music I listen to are from anime openings, insert songs, and endings. All of which can introduce me into the world of J Pop, but I haven’t listen into albums and covered them on this level. This album of Utada HIkaru is crazily detailed on almost every level here too.

Nil Admirai no Tenbin Macarons

By d_rlinggg

Very interesting post here. We need more cooking recipe posts on wordpress, because they are some interesting and formative in their own way too. Great look at the recipe for these Macarons from the Otome game Nill Admirai. Really cool in general even if you haven’t played this game because Macarons are delicious.


Thanks for taking part in June 2022’s Jon Spencer Showcase or reading this if you haven’t gotten involved with it. Please support each of these creators. Give them a follow if you can. There will be no host for the July JCS, but please keep in tune for August.


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