#ShonenJumpMovieMonth Announcement

This is a little post to tell you about the other event that I am doing for this year. Last year was the Urobuchi December event and that was so punishing for me because I had to watch or rewatch all the Urobuchi series that I have not done in a long time. It was only a couple months away from Mecha Mach as well, so I was very burnt out by having two events so close to each other.

This year, I am doing something much simpler. I watched eight shonen jump related films and am going to write about them. That’s about it really. Considering that these are films and not television series, it’s a lot easier to just go through them and eventually write about.

I’m going to keep what the movies are hidden, but here is the series break down of the films I’ve already watched.

  • 4 One Piece Films
  • 2 Saint Seiya films
  • 2 City Hunter Films

Yeah, that’s about it. Yes, City Hunter was a shonen jump property back in the 80’s. We all know that Saint Seiya was, but this was my first time checking out some City Hunter stuff. This was also the first time that I watched One Piece in motion too because I am a manga reader, not an anime watcher for One Piece.

So yeah, hopefully this is interesting. Thanks for reading.


    1. That’s generally how I feel towards them too which is why I avoid most of them. Always hyped up and end up just “kind of eh” for me. Especially the Jujutsu Kaisen Zero thing. The Dragon Ball Super movies have been good too. Maybe I will actually enjoy some of these, who knows?

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  1. Nice, this will be a fun theme. I’ve always been a big fan of the Jump films, always nice seeing the gang on a new adventure. Since I tend to read the manga before watching the anime for most titles, this is the only way to see truly new content a lot of the time that wasn’t previously adapted. Definitely a lot of gems out there

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    1. I don’t know, I usually struggle with a lot of shonen jump films, even if they bring in “new content” because they are kind of boring to me. Not all of them and a lot of the ones that I found were pretty good here except maybe one.

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      1. I definitely get you on that, I just love seeing the characters. A pal always jokes that I’d pay to watch Kirito just walking about video game logic with some scientists for 2 hours and he’s probably right haha

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  2. lol definitely didn’t want to add the pressure but now that we’re already on it, do your best! Mwahahaha (this the best evil laugh I could pull off kskjks)

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