Weekly Seasonal Watches: Summer 2022 Anime Season Week 4

Seasonal Anime Episodes

This week is a bit different for me because I’m back to working eight hour days after who knows how long? So I have to be up early in the morning Monday through Thursday, which means my thoughts might be messier or more unclear then usual. Please let me know if that is true.

For other anime series, we finally have the last show that I was looking forward to came out. Fuuto PI came out. Something that a sequel to a Kamen Rider series. So now my watch list is complete. This is still such a fun season.

Love Live Superstar!! Season 2 Episode 2

This show man. The best Love Live series know when to hit the emotional cores and so far, Superstar is doing it so well for me. Even if there are the small goals of Leila wanting to win Love Live but also wanting new members, they are such huge things because its big to them. Do Sumire, Kanon, Keke, Ren, and Chisato want new members? Yes. Of course they do. But they are at that point where they want to win love live because it really does belong to them.

And there are members waiting in the mist wanting to join, but they don’t want to because the training regimen would be too hard for all of them. At least it is like that for cast members who want to join, but can’t right now. Kinako is the member that joined and she shows how hard it is because she can’t even keep up with Keke who could barely run next season. Kanon and the others started pulling back their training as a result and it doesn’t sit right with them either.

So the ultimate culmination of the episode when Kinako joined the second years of Leila with their finger star after saying that its ok for the training to be tough, the power of idols will guide the others way into Leila was so good. Mei also supporting Kinako from the shadows was good too. Then there are the moment when Kinako thought Mei was going to mug her twice that was so good. This episode was dramatically good and hilarious on its own right too. I love this show.

Tokyo Mew Mew New Episode 4

This episode was yet another fun one. I mean, we meet the fifth Mew Mew, Zakuro Fujiwara. You know, a girl who can literally do everything from dancing to singing to acting and who knows what else. After a hectic opening bit with Pudding making the maid cafe busier then it has any right being and Ichigo and Aoyama sharing their little moment, its time to find that fifth girl. How? Through auditions. Three of our girls, besides Pudding who is too young, are going to audition to be right next to here. Mint of course idolizes Zakuro and wants to be apart of her crew.

So in that way, this episode was a lot of fun. We get to see Lettuce, Mint, and Ichigo show off a bit more of their goofy personalities as they make it through auditions. (The other girls must have sucked so bad.) Pudding causes all sorts of ruckus, so Zakuro moves to save the day in a good grand standing. Then the ending happens where Zakuro awakens her wolf powers and saves the other girls from Kishe. Everyone kind of expect Zakuro to just join, but she is a wolf after all and she must go her own way. Plus, she finds Mint annoying. Pretty basic stuff , but I still find it fun.

Made in Abyss: The Golden City of the Scorching Sun Episode 4

This is an episode that really did feel uncomfortable once again, but it’s good stuff. Especially with the build up around the sages in different areas. This episode split the party even more and its come with some really interesting and yet terrifying moments in the city of the Holos. Some crazy moments like Riko going out on her own and now Nanachi with Kaja doing who knows what for now. Sages everywhere with each character at least being given a moment to shine or explore.

I am not a fan of Faputa and Reg’s moment where was creepy, but Made in Abyss seems to be pretty self aware about it even if it wants to indulge itself in some creepy things too. But I am glad that Reg stands up to this holo he barely remembers and wants to be with Riko. Really good moment for him. You know, in an episode full of good and creepy moments. I liked this episode a lot even if I struggled to hit the play button yet again.

Call of the Night Episode 4

Yeah, this show still runs on the power of pure vibes of the night and somehow it still works. Especially since this is a weird show that connects everything together somehow even if it shouldn’t. First with Kou not understanding the difference between Lust and Love with Nazuna’s first kiss. That moment was just pure gold and really does have some nuanced things to say about how Love and Lust could be connected together.

There was some play on Akira slowly being pushed on by Nazuna’s and Kou’s strange relationship. Shown from Akira just spending time with the two weirdos who play video games with each other. Or her just casually accepting Kou’s dream of becoming a vampire despite how weird it is. The dynamic between the three is so interesting in some cursed ways. Yet it also works too. Some kind of crazy stuff. I’m still more curious about the show to see how it works then just liking it perhaps.

Devil is a Part-Timer Season 2 Episode 3

Well, talk about a pretty heavy episode with some good comedy beats. Emi, Maou, and Alas Ramus are still on their carnival visit while being followed by Chi, Alciel, and Suzuki. Well, for the most part. There is some cute shopping and watching of super sentai, plus Suzuki having a crush on Alciel, but there are also a lot of serious moments. Moments mentioning how Maou has given up on his demon tribe, Alas’s forehead more and the comparison to Maou’s past, and Gabriel coming himself. It kind of works in a lot ways because its given the time to just function.

And I have to admit that the appearance of Gabriel was kind of funny even if it lacked so much impact from an animation and art perspective. The idea was still pretty funny to me. Especially since Gabriel, the angle of good, couldn’t handle Chi, a normal girl, crying and beginning him. Some interesting set of conflict for now which gives our demons some time to prepare to fight for Alas’ rights. So yeah, just a generally simple episode that I am going to wait to see a few more things going into. Could be so much flashier then it is, but the vibes are still interesting.

Shadows House 2nd Season Episode 4

This was the definite Kate episode. At least so far. While Emilico wasn’t as much as in the spot light, it’s so fun seeing Kate just own the floor. Especially since there is a lot of movement and instability underneath the scenes that Kate can’t see yet. The smashing of the coffee and the appearance of the giant soot monster is on them and we knew that coming in from season one. The current Star Bearers might not be there tomorrow. Or just very soon.

With the Star Bearers running like chickens with their heads off, they accuse Kate. Why? Because they have nothing else to go on. And it was so fun just to see Kate exploding with soot power for the first time. She is such a calm and calculating characters who is actually plotting something against the Lord Grandfather. Of course no one else knows about that so Kate’s yelling and objection made a lot of sense and gave her some more freedom for now.

Then the last part of the episode where Kate, Emilico, John, and Shaun investigated more of the estate was a lot of fun, though seeing those infected with soot sickness was horrifying. Clearly, it had something to do with Kate and John’s plan, but it just let a lot of energy just work out. Especially with the idea of John and Kate being engaged going around and Kate got just as angry as she did when being questioned. Or Kate running out of energy because everyone else is too athletic. Such a fun episode with so much good stuff going on in it.

Lucifer and the Biscuit Hammer Episode 4

Hangetsu Shinonome was a character, or a “hero of justice” and dog knight, that interrupted the dynamic between Samidare and Yuuhi in some ways. But he was the first knight that each of them met. Now, he is creating some kind of rift or routine with both of them. He is the trainer. Samidare fights against him every jogging run, but she still can’t gain any advantage over him. Yuuhi hasn’t even tried yet, though the offer has still been there.

I find the second half to have some more intriguing stuff in this episode. Not just because of Hangetsu crushing on Samidare’s older sister Hisame, but we get more out of Hisame other then just yelling at Yuuhi for being an idiot. Yuuhi, Hisame, and Hangetsu go out for drinks and we get to know more about how Hisame thinks about her father that just came home randomly or how Samidare got there. Also fun that Yuuhi just doesn’t get drunk on his first time drinking out.

So yeah, the writing is mostly holding up the episodes. Especially in this episode that the animation was barely there at all. Like, the training fight scenes look like really bad version of shonen training fights where characters just disappear or flip around through cut outs instead of choreography. But the writing is good enough for me to enjoy it. I do admit that I space it out when I watch Shadows House which looks amazing. So the show works just not as good as it could be working.

Aoashi Episode 17

This is an episode to where Aoi is possibly finding himself again. Especially since he is still struggling to find his own beat and rhythm as a full back. Leave it to anime characters only finding themselves and what they need to do during major games. With some direction, Aoi is getting there and possibly becoming a leader in the field because he can see everything and wants to see his other players perform rather then doing everything himself.

Some really good set up to the rivalry of the team, even though the guy who has shown how much he has trained and hates Aoi didn’t show up in the game at all. I find that kind of intriguing. Same with THE captain of Team A, Yoshitsune, just randomly being there even if the reasons are legitimate. Even then, I like the words of advice and encouragement he gave Aoi despite being completley awesome. “Don’t be like me.” very sound advice. Aoashi is just straight bangers.

Yurei Deco Episode 5

Another world focused sort of episode. Especially once regarding how information is used or can be spread through out a world and then forgotten. I feel like this show has captured the essence of what it is like to have a meme appear everywhere and then its quickly forgotten for the next fad. It is the ultimate online experience and I haven’t seen any other anime capture social media in 2022 like this so far.

The main plot of this episode starts after a case from a zoo that has created artificial animals created to be what was left over from the past. It really shows a lot of how bad the dystopia is that they have to make digital animals. But yeah, Berry and Hack are on the case to fix the Decotopia page entry of a fantasy animal, a Nue. One that never actually existed, but became a meme after Berry and Hack did their information fix incorrectly. No one knows how it looks.

And that leads to the main, but small conflict between Hack and Berry over searching each other’s information and fighting over who and what is real. Especially since Hack doesn’t exist on the server and it is really mean to just look at another person’s information whether its true or not. The mystery of this show still continues to build towards them and Phantom Zero as well here too. Solid episode over all once again.

Fuuto PI Episode 1 (Series Premiere)

While this is a sequel, it does give you enough information to tell you about what is going on and what some character conflicts are even if they are small for now. For instance, the episode starts with a Kamen Rider battle, but our main protagonist Shotaro sees his father dying. Which leads to what some of the major conflict for him that he is made fun of for. Can Shotaro live up to being to such a high level detective like him. Yeah, Shotaro is not there yet. Possibly soon.

But the main episode is about the building mystery of a witch Tokime. A person who has stolen clothing from women and money from men in order to survive on the streets. This comes to Shotaro after he had an encounter with her by a man, Chuuta, who wants to see her again. So this episode is focused on not only finding more about Tokime, but the mysterious parts of Fuuto that she represents and/or is on the running from. Maybe Shotaro doesn’t know the city as much as he thinks he does.

Everything about this show is very well animated. The only weakness about this show is how horny it is. Especially around Tokime because the introduction scene showed her figure, so you can see why Shotaro and Chuuta were so infatuated with her. We get that and that is pretty standard Fem Fatale stuff stuff. Not completely sure how I feel like seeing her getting dressed near the fountain after washing and later pulling a special gadget tucked into her panties to escape the coming threat. Horny isn’t bad, but it can be taken too far sometimes. But in general, very good episode. I enjoyed it quite a bit.

This Week’s Episode Ratings

Last year, I started a small graph system that I used to rank the weekly episodes I’ve watched. I’m going to bring it back for this season and see how it goes. I just want to make my opinions a bit more clearer other then “I really like this anime episode that did those things?”. If this helps at all.

Now, this doesn’t mean that the episode on the bottom is bad. Just that that it wasn’t as good as the others. That’s it really. In the end, this is all arbitrary after all just like most of what I blog anyway. It’s just another thing, what is the difference?


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