(#ShonenJumpMovieMonth) Saint Seiya: Evil Goddess Eris

This feels like an insert Saint Seiya into the blog to appeal to the Saint Seiya cosmo god. But yeah, this is the first film in the Saint Seiya series quadrilogy. One of the two that I selected from random. Mainly because going in order is completely boring too me. Especially when the films are not connected to each other either. Well, besides the last one anyway. If there was a logical order, then I would follow it. But I like the chaos of just choosing random things. It really creates more unpredictability into the mix I think. Yeah, I really don’t have much to say about this movie at all. It feels like a movie that exists just to exist. 

The plot itself is pretty much boiled down Saint Seiya. It really captures the essence of what Saint Seiya is and a bit more of the cast in about 45 minutes. At home in Japan three of the saints visit Star Children Academy. Those three being Shun, Hyoga, and Seiya. Especially since all of Athena’s saints were orphans that came from there. They get a new caretaker working there called Eri. Someone that Hyoga knows. Eventually she gets taken over partially by the evil goddesses Eris. She of course kidnaps Saori Kido and wants to absorb the rest of her power.

So yeah, the plot and everything are just condensed Saint Seiya. The usual saving Athena from being overtaken again. Plus, the usual also fighting against five different saints in solo battles. All five of Athena’s saints show up to save her and remove the evil goddess Eris from Eri. There are a lot of really fast fights that don’t carry a lot of the weight that Saint Seiya fights usually have. Just fight the guy and then defeat the next guy. Not sure what else to say in regards to that. Some really cool looking designs from them fighting against the usual Saint Seiya fighting stock footage you see in the show. It feels like a cheaply produced movie and it possibly was.

Still, I think there is some merit to this movie even if I don’t enjoy it as a tv show watcher. For instance, newer people to Saint Seiya will have an idea about what it’s about. Also if we ever wondered if there were more gods out there then what was presented in the show, especially  since there are so few of them, then you have an answer. They are around just waiting for their time to be reincarnated. Plus, we got to see the orphanage again because it’s very ignored in the anime itself. Miho is treated as a somewhat important character earlier on in the series and we never see her again after that. So the added materials are what make the film interesting.  

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