Weekly Seasonal Watches: Summer 2022 Anime Season Week 6

Seasonal Anime Episodes

I am not completely sure how valid the episode rankings will be this time considering that Aoashi didn’t have an episode this week. But well, let’s keep track of the ones that came out anyway. Especially since I have kept track of the episodes before a lot of the shows ever came out. Just part of the whole experience by now.

This week is very interesting for me, because I am starting a new job today. Kind of nervous but excited at the same time. Nothing else to do, but to just see how it goes too. Well report my findings next week.

Love Live Superstar!! Season 2 Episode 4

Such an interesting sort of episode here. Not the strongest one so far, but the one with the most interesting sort of gags and some personal growth too. Especially when it comes to Chisato stepping up to be the president of the school idol club. Or in this case, Mei and Shiki finally joining the idol club together. Especially after they finally learn that they are similar despite how different they are. No song this week, but good enough sort of character moments by everyone. Now the only remaining member who hasn’t joined is Natsume and that is the next episode. I’m having such a warm, fuzzy time with his show too even on its off episode here too.

Tokyo Mew Mew New Episode 6

Man, I was hoping that Zakuro wouldn’t actually join the group and be that solo herion that shows up sometimes. But this is ok, because we see a pretty great episode showing her join the group. I mean, the episode literally started with Lettuce, Mint, Pudding, and Ichigo going through really funny shenanigins just to get inside to be next to Zakuro on any level. Four attempts. It tok them four attempts and the security guard still tracked them too. I couldn’t help but laugh through out all the shenangins.

But the emotional core of this episode was pretty good. Once again, a show that wears its heart on its sleeves as these characters say grand statements that effect others. Mint did this with Zakuro this time as the four Mew Mew girls held off Quiche’s attack for a while until Zakuro actually had to step in. A Zakuro focused on Mint’s words about her trying to get stronger and better. A really cool moment with great animation.

A few things that I want to talk about though, the Tokyo Mew Mew girls being caught on camera is the first time that I’ve seen that happen on a magical girl show. I haven’t watched all of those shows, but I am pretty sure this is the first live magical girl broadcast I’ve ever seen. Also, Zakuro’s voice is definitely more mature then the other girls and I feel like that had to be on purpose. Not much else to say other then I really enjoyed this episode quite a bit.

Made in Abyss: The Golden City of the Scorching Sun Episode 6

Oh hey, the least gross episode of Made in Abyss so far. You know, despite the fact that Nanachi is in her horrible condition. But, a pretty good one with some fun reveals. But yeah, Riko worked with others to save the Holo City from being attacked. Some pretty creative use of her hair and the language she has learned to align villagers in the best ways there too. Plus, the White Whistle way of summoning Reg was really cool. Also, now people know that Vueko is out there and who she is. Lots of things up in the air now. Uh oh. But in the Made in Abyss good episode uh oh.

Call of the Night Episode 6

The vibes of this show are getting to me and I really do dig it. Especially Kou does try to give Shirakawa, the office lady whose job sucks, a message and it feels like he does an ok job. the main point of that segment was how Shirakawa and Kou are similar to each other and only separated by years and adulthood. So, some good messages about not leaving your childhood fantasties and feelings behind. Not to mention a commentary on the lives of people being stuck in the Japanese work force. I just wish that more male characters would show up in this show.

The second half of this show was so relatable to me. Especially when Nazuna and Kou go to a night pool to hang out and Kou was just left alone to himself. That would be me in that party because I don’t like hanging out with people I don’t know at a party. The ending of this episode was pretty sexy though. I haven’t seen something like Nazuna landing her and Kou in a school pool with that sort of relatable energy before. It kind of blew me away honestly. What a great episode.

Devil is a Part-Timer Season 2 Episode 5

This episode…. Well actual, I didn’t mind it in general. I just thought that the beginning parts of this episode were kind of trying to be funny and just weren’t. The MgRonalds shutting down for two weeks and the apartment being shut down for two weeks was just whatever. But I like the idea of Mao and the gang moving to a new location like chiso for a couple weeks. Same with meeting cool people and Mao being able to show his skill in managing a restaurant in the next episode. Seems like a really good place for some silly character antics. Can’t wait. There is potential here. Hope it lives up that sense of potential.

Shadows House 2nd Season Episode 6

This episode felt like the recap episode without it being like a clip show. I’ll just call it the catch up episode because we relearn a lot of the things we gained through out the episode. Shaun and Emilico’s heart warming yet sad talk about what they may have been like when they were humans was good. The quick follow up of a certain celebration of the faces getting coffee except the coffee is not the complete mind wiping coffee we have seen through out the show. Kate surmised it because the children’s area doesn’t want to show their mistake to the adults. Very interesting

The rest of the episode, in an out of order way, is inserting more things into the mystery of the episode and some good, fun time. The veiled doll everyone was trying to find did show up to talk to Emilico and Shaun. Some interesting things going on with that too. Also, John and Shaun did fix up the science lab area even if they did it wrong. Some really scary moments at first, but then the first reveal of them being kind and hilarious people was still there. Some really cool and comfy places in episodes for them too. Can’t wait to see how Kate will push things further.

Lucifer and the Biscuit Hammer Episode 6

After last episode and Shinonome’s death, a new arc starts today. The rest of the knights are slowly making their appearance. Shinonome’s brother, the crow knight, came up to serve some chaos because he just wanted to fight people. The more straight forward horse knight came about and he is very strong. Then the snake knight, which died saving the lizard knight last time, showed up and Yuuhi had to get over his PTSD to save her and his emotional kick to save and fight, considering that he was struggling, was some powerful stuff. I was really surprised. A really good episode over all. The art did not get in the way of anything for this episode.

Aoashi Episode N/A

No episode this week. Dang it.

Yurei Deco Episode 7

Rumors on the internet. That is what this episode wants to be about and I am not completely sure that it nailed it. But the episode itself is pretty emotional in some way. We are still on episodic adventures with some side trips into the main narrative of finding Phantom Zero and it does make the show feel pretty comfy. Especially considering that the rumor is about a ramen shop that people only know about through rumors. One ran by the AI named Analytical who deletes its presences online and is inevitably killed by Phantom Zero’s appearance.

Man, that was such an emotional thing after seeing Berry, our cat friend named Waston’s interesting look and exploration into rumors, and some really good looking ramen. Man, especially since the AI has some link into the construction of the city itself and just wanted to study how people consider and discuss rumors. Would have been some interesting things if the AI helped the investigation, but I guess there needed to be a hook of some king. Sad times.

Fuuto PI Episode 3

The end of this current arc with the mystery around Tokime kind of ends. The Pluton (named Road) that caused some people to frame Tokime is finally defeated after such a fantastic action scene between the Pluton and the many forms of Kamen Rider W in alternative Fuuto. So cool and visually appealing on the best ways possible. Then the ending what Chuuta’s motivation of finding Tokime and the bag he stole was pretty good too. Tokime being implicated with her theft was reasonably handled as well. Even with Shotaro getting the kiss he never expected.

This show reminds me that its for teenagers despite the fact that the characters are young adults. Tokime returns at the end of the episode and is going to work as Shotaro and Philip’s assistant. The ending scene of Tokime taking Shotaro’s bed and asking Shotaro to sleep next to her was very interesting when Shotaro just runs away from her. No since of actual sexuality in this show, which was interesting. But that just means that Tokime has some work to do as she is tracked down by a mystery villain. So yeah, definitely a good episode.

This Week’s Episode Ratings

Last year, I started a small graph system that I used to rank the weekly episodes I’ve watched. I’m going to bring it back for this season and see how it goes. I just want to make my opinions a bit more clearer other then “I really like this anime episode that did those things?”. If this helps at all.

Now, this doesn’t mean that the episode on the bottom is bad. Just that that it wasn’t as good as the others. That’s it really. In the end, this is all arbitrary after all just like most of what I blog anyway. It’s just another thing, what is the difference?


  1. Congratulations on the new job!

    Now to the anime side of things we’re almost halfway with the season, huh? Regardless of how bad I wanted to enjoy Biscuit Hammer, I still can’t find the motivation to do so. Maybe checking the manga is the only available option.

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