Summer 2022 At The Halfway Point

A lot of people mentioned how this summer season is lacking in shows and I just don’t get that? To me, there is such a wide and diverse selection of shows that no one is talking about that I can’t help but be disappointed by this. Not that I am the biggest anime person in blogging or social in general that I can get people to watch something, but I really do think people are undercutting so much original and newer properties that have gotten adaptations. There are even some that I haven’t checked out yet, but I’m kind of tired of girls with guns stuff after Kite ruined it for me.

But yeah, I really am enjoying a lot of shows. Even if not all of them are the best, there is so much variety and just great pieces of art that I am never bored by any of it. Maybe Fall 2022 is pushing people’s eyes towards it with so many high profile shows meeting at once, but we are in the summer 2022 season now and we should focus on those instead of just jumping ahead. At least that is my word on the matter. Not that I am any person of stature in the anime community.

Not Halfway There Yet

Fuuto PI

As of writing this post, Fuuto PI is only three episodes in so I can’t really judge it yet. This show might get its own halfway point once it reaches that point. For now it’s been a very slow but fun Kamen Rider detective story with a bit too much fanservice. So it’s good, but I want to see a bit more before I come up with a more solid opinion of it.

A Handy Guide for how I feel about shows:

Solid: Seasonal Favorites, Highly Recommend.
Good: Maybe not as high quality as the first category, but still pretty enjoyable.
Ok: What it says on the tin. Maybe preferable for those who are into the genre the show is from.
Bad: I’m not even sure why I am still watching it besides maybe learning something from it.

Shadows House Season 2

Shadows House is good in general. The first season was great and this latest season is just building off of what happened and doing it so expertly. Great sense of the new stakes of living as a member of Shadow’s House, great since of or thought of power, and a great mystery and master mind game. I love the characters and this show just makes me so happy.

Aoashi Cour 2

It’s legitimately good soccer anime stuff. Some really good and believable character drama, great explanations on a lot of soccer things, and great tension that is just believable on so many levels. This show knows what it is like to play soccer and how hard it can be. I love watching this every Saturday. It’s just so incredible.

Made in Abyss: The Golden City of the Scorching Sun

It’s more Made in Abyss but in one location. What else is there to be said? I can’t help but feel creeped out by everything and constantly worried for all of the characters in the show. There is so many stakes at play and so much mystery we haven’t fully uncovered yet that is so interesting and I want to see more of it. You know, even if it stresses me out. Great fiction can stress you out and I think it’s ok to watch things that do sometimes.

Love Live! Superstar Season 2

This show is only 4 episodes in, but it’s a second season and its Love Live! I have a feeling on where its going and so far, I think its doing pretty well. The show is doing a fantastic job for a balancing act. It’s introducing new characters into Leila, presented some tension to this next Love Live competition, and just providing us some good wholesome moments with good comedy. It really makes me so happy.

Tokyo Mew Mew New

Love Live stole the comfy times from this show, but it is still a bit of a nostalgic and fun watch. I look forward to more Mew Mew every Tuesday. The show is a reboot with a lot of the tropes from the late 90’s and early 2000’s coming back. It also has its characters wear its heart on its sleeve in good magical girl ways and I can dig that.

Yurei Deco

A very interesting cyber punk show that modernizes the concept of a modern dystopia in the era of social media. Some really cool and unique world building, simple characters and an interesting mystery that needs to be solved. Maybe the mystery can be a little too simple because Yurei Deco is taking its time getting there to explore the world more, but it feels like the show is hitting the brakes a little too often.

Call of the Night

Yeah, I’m not jelling with this show as much as everyone else is. The concept of a middle schooler hanging out with a vampire and wanting to become one is a good one. I just think the idea of using other female characters that just appear to share some of the conflict in that middle schooler in the show is kind of bad to me? But I love the visuals and I am constantly intrigued by it.

Luficer and the Biscuit Hammer

I’ve read the manga so I know that its a fantastic concept and story that is just heavily weighed down by mostly poor execution. But the good writing can be felt there from time to time and there are legitimately good emotional moments from time to time. That is good enough for me to just watch it even if I don’t think this adaptation is good at all.

Devil is a Part-Timer Season 2

Yeah, this is the bottom. You know, despite me scoring the episodes higher. I really, really don’t like Gabriel at all because he doesn’t add a single thing to the show at all. I just want the characters to hang out with each other and live their own sitcom dreams. That is why I liked the first season. But this show is just horrible looking and wants to insert more lore into the show that just doesn’t work. Man, it’s ok but can be painful sometimes.


So yeah, those were my thoughts. I just hope the good shows continuing being good and the bad shows to improve themselves a little bit. I never want a show to be bad.


      1. It has a certain dark mood about it. Becoming a vampire is a metaphor for dying and being reborn into a new world with new rules. I guess you could consider a vampire as being a kind of isekai protagonist.

        I can’t figure why he hasn’t fallen in love with her yet… except I think he’s a “plug yourself into the role protagonist.” When I was that age falling in love would have taken a single night. All the other desirable ladies he’s meeting along the way has the scent of a serial harem? Or maybe they are ways to test his fidelity.

        I remember working afternoon shift at a commercial photo lab in LA for several years in my early 20s. I’d get off work at midnight and of course I couldn’t go to sleep right away so I’d go for long walks in Hollywood and the area south of it. Nowadays the area is full of homeless encampments.

        I’d wander for hours and miles, sometimes through some pretty sketchy neighborhoods, until just before dawn. I saw stuff go down that would curl your hair and yet I felt isolated from it. Must not have looked like a good target. Look pretty sketchy and kept to myself.

        The city at night is an amazing place. Though he’d never see all those stars. There is too much light pollution even at 3 am.

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  1. I’m liking Call of the Night more than you I think, but it does have a few issues, and I think it’s in danger of not having much focus and getting a little too style over substance. The style is amazing and I love the themes and visuals too, but hoping the story goes in an interesting direction.

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    1. I think there is substance, but I wish the different characters who are a side of Kou weren’t just women that show up all the time. It’s just not as interesting to me.

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