Weekly Seasonal Watches: Summer 2022 Anime Season Week 8

Seasonal Anime Episodes

Not much of an update to write this week. No convention or anything. This week felt like a re-establishment work in creating that new norm. Especially with getting used to work at the new job and seeing how that works out with the job cycle that I am currently apart of. Looks like I can keep watching the newer anime that I am checking out now at a good pace. I’m glad that I have that opportunity.

Love Live Superstar!! Season 2 Episode 6

Yes! I am so glad that this show has characters that are knowledgeable enough to actually know what Natsumi was trying to do for views. Shiki, Kinoko, Natsumi, and Mei visit Kinoko’s home to practice and the drama provided by Natsumi for her push to challenge the older members of Leila was immediately taken out as the girls start to train and get good at it. It’s really cool the senpais can see that online and Chisato can send the latest dance steps over instantly. It was so cool to see each of them want to be apart of Leila and this really did a lot of positive work.

But the main focus of this episode was Natsumi herself. That person who tried so many things and had failed so hard that money is the only thing she can acquired. Even if, Kinoko pointed this out, that being a CEO of a social media company is a goal and requires a lot of talent and skill to do it. It really shows how Kanon and Kinoko have the same brain cell in getting Natsumi to have a new goal by actually becoming an idol. Especially since she was more motivated then anyone. Which lead to the best song in the show so far because it had everyone. This show is so good.

Tokyo Mew Mew New Episode 8

This is Lettuce’s episode and Lettuce, in my mind, is Tokyo Mew Mew’s aquaman. Which means that the crew has to go to a fancy place where there is water. Especially with all of them are on a cruise ship with each one of them wearing fancy dresses. This show is not very subtle about its messages about who Lettuce is by Pudding’s five siblings showing up and one of them is a little slower, but still is full of heart.

That is who Lettuce is, but she was able to kick some ass after finding confidence in herself. I’m glad she had a moment to shine when Ichigo is the main character and everyone else has their one dimension trait more thrown out more then Lettuce. Aoyama and Ichigo are still a thing, unfortunately, while everyone else is more interesting. Also, the new villains are so much more interesting then Quiche ever ways. So a lot of good stuff even if its lacking a bit here and there.

Made in Abyss: The Golden City of the Scorching Sun Episode 8

Made in Abyss, can you calm down please? I suppose that the origins of the city have now been revealed. Especially in a way that only Made in Abyss can do it. From a little girl who turned into a pink eldritch monster whose children were stolen to be made into a stew that keeps people alive. Man. Then people slowly shed away their humanity when the girl turned into the holo city and Vueko is stuck in a place to keep watch because she is the key to the city functioning.

I perfectly understood why Vueko wanted to committ suicide twice in this episode. And also how Faputa came into existence and wants to destroy that town as she is the only living child from that poor girl. There is so much heavy stuff going on and we still don’t get a complete idea about how Reg and Faputa are related yet, but I suppose all shows need to keep a sort of mystery for them too. Man, this show is hard to watch but its so good too and man….

Call of the Night Episode 8

Ever since last episode, the show has changed a little bit. But in some ways that give it more urgency now. After the first bite, Kou only has one year to become a vampire or be killed. Considering that Nazuna is Nazuna and feels no tension towards this at all, Kou is at a loss. So its great to see Kou talking with new friends and older friends on what to do and how to date. Same with Nazuna taking her time to actually break out of the pattern she has been in for such a long time. So maybe there is hope for Kou yet.

Devil is a Part-Timer Season 2 Episode 7

I can’t help but feel that this episode was kind of pointless. Ok, pointless is a mean thing to say but it really just automatically went from something interesting to getting back to normal. Mao and the others are in Chosi and suddenly, demons are appear on Earth there. So the first thought it to fight them which the hero does. But eventually they all get sent back to their area and nothing was really gained or loss besides some more money for our crew. I just don’t find any interest in what is going on at all. I wish I could.

Shadows House 2nd Season Episode 8

This episode was mostly the talk between Kate, John, Louise, and Patrick with their faces. They put all the research from everything they’ve compiled together and found out who the hooded doll is. A lot of wonderful and creative sort of scenes with this cast together in ways that really emphasizes so much about their relationship. Then the encounter with the hooded figure happened and Kate showed everyone up, even if she can’t talk herself to go. The reveal of Maryrose was expected at this point, but it was really good. I’m so happy about this show.

Lucifer and the Biscuit Hammer Episode 8

After seeing all the knights together last episode, we start learning a bit more about a few of them. We learn a bit about the otaku and cosplayer Yayoi the snake knight, the former police officer and currently unemployed Souichirou, and the brainy and wants the world cat knight by the name of Hyou. The last one had an encounter with Animus himself because they are similar and yet Hyou tried to kill Animus with his own golllums. Not as much on Yuuhi and Samidare but they are comfy. Pretty simple and thoughtful episode on display there too.

Aoashi Episode 20

At some point, I am going to have to write a post about this show, because writing these small, weekly inserts on Aoashi episodes are not enough at all. There is so much going on in each episode that writing only a small amount is not going to cover it at all. This episode in particular finally revealed what the underlying conflict that has been in the background for so long. The competition between people who give it their all versus those who are calculating and know when to play their best and when to hold back. So that was why Togashi was angry.

So now everything changes. Maybe Tokyo Esperion will find some connection to each other when Musashino is about to happen. Can people go full force and learn how to face their fears? What about Aoi finally discovering his weaknesses. But as a whole, Tachibana stepping up quite a bit to reunit some of the players in practicing and gaining some sort of chemistry with each other. The whole B team is a mess because members always go in and out. Another fantastic episode.

Yurei Deco Episode 9

This entire endeavor with Yurei Deco is actually becoming forming a multi episode arc. It started with the information dropping from the sky yesterday with Fin rejecting her club. This week continues with the detective club looking into Fin’s backstory about his old town that refuses to accept their filtration system fixed because they are down with online sickness. The club itself decided to help him and the only problem is that fixing it will delete their areas since of love.

Is this series really looking at the danger of online culture too much. An exact look at people who should touch grass or just be online too much. It feels somewhat boomer like in what its trying to say, but Yurei Deco feels like a series that wants people to find some sort of balance. Especially since those guys could just go online safety after having it fixed. still, the old mob that rejected Fin when he tried to fix it last time is bad and they are more grown up now. Uh oh. Clean episode.

Fuuto PI Episode 5

What is it with these detective shows digging into online culture as much as they are? This one definitely about the toxic culture of gamer men who lose to women. Can you imagine being raged so much from losing to a woman that you have to get a Gaia Memory in order to become a pluton to destroy her? And that person turns out to be the programmer AND idol of the game you are a fan of? Man, that’s just sad. That’s also the plot of this episode on the enemies side and that’s wild man.

But the most important part of this episode came from the protagonist side. Akiko finally had her husband show up on screen and I can see why she loves him. The guy is such a bad ass. The relatable content with Tokime and Philip finally connecting with each other after some bits of jealousy and Tokime working hard to defend our programmer/idol. Same with Philipp somehow actually working hard and transforming into a Kamen Rider form himself. It was fun. Good episode.

This Week’s Episode Ratings

Last year, I started a small graph system that I used to rank the weekly episodes I’ve watched. I’m going to bring it back for this season and see how it goes. I just want to make my opinions a bit more clearer other then “I really like this anime episode that did those things?”. If this helps at all.

Now, this doesn’t mean that the episode on the bottom is bad. Just that that it wasn’t as good as the others. That’s it really. In the end, this is all arbitrary after all just like most of what I blog anyway. It’s just another thing, what is the difference?


  1. Wow, you gonna give Ao Ashi a dedicated cover?! That’s awesome, Scott! I really want to know what other people who also enjoy this show so much have to talk about.

    Made in Abyss… Always strong, uh? The payoff to this arc has to make up for all the suffering depicted throughout the season – if it does correctly, man, it’s gonna be beautiful. It’s either make it or break it.

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