Spriggan (2022): Some Fun Combat and Mythology

This series was a surprise to everyone. A lot like the many other things on Netflix, Spriggan (2022) really felt like it came out of thin air. I do remember that there were some announcements about it, but even those came out of nowhere. The last time people have heard about spriggan in the west was the film from the 90’s. A film that retro anime fans have watched, but I still haven’t yet. Maybe I should find a way to do all of that if it’s not available here and there. Hmmmm. But yeah, this adaptation of the Spriggan manga from David Productions was just solid stuff. I want Netflix to just become the platform of newer adaptations for older pieces of media too.

Spriggan is a series of 6 episodes that are double the length for episodic storytelling. Imagine if all the old myths from different religions and other things for so many super powered objects are throughout the Earth. An organization named ARCAM works to either protect or destroy these relics to prevent different militaries and organizations across the world from getting them. ARCAM has an army but has elite soldiers named spriggans to make sure they actually do all of that. Our protagonist, Yu Ominae, is the spriggan that we follow through the adventures of this series. It’s one where we see all the sides of his adventures.

None of the arcs are connected to each other in any way for the most part. Different organizations show up for Yu to stop people from gathering items. Or we see more of ARCAM with these characters just not appearing anymore. The only true recurring characters were the school girls that made fun of Yu for possibly failing from never showing up or Yoshino, the best character as the thief girl, who shows a lot more of it. There is a lot of good sort of spectacle and I really do like a lot of the settings and unique situations provided here too. This is obviously just the beginning of adventures before we see all the serious stuff. I hope we can see them. 

Visually, this series is pretty good. You can tell that there is a mix between CG and standard animation, but it doesn’t hurt the show at all. It allows the series to have so many cool characters and cool environments for some really good episodic stories for them here too. I do wish that we could have had a better final note to end on, but the episodes are simple but fun for them here too. It’s some really good and classical sorts of fun that you can get into and see cool actions and possibly influence in anime (EVA?) in some ways here too. This series feels like a fun modernization, despite the cold war stink being there, that works enough for me to enjoy it. 

Yeah, this is a short review because it’s hard to summarize this show with more detail because it just is what it is and that’s all it needs to be. This one knows what it is about and just works. I still had a lot fun watching this show because it had so much style and just fun execution to it as well. That is why I watched things like Spriggan. To relax and watch something comfy.


  1. I really enjoyed this too. Action and adventure, very much what I crave 😀

    I think you’d like the film – a much more detailed ‘episode 2’, I guess. Overall, probably less room for any lightness of tone, but the action sequences were pretty ace.

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