MSG:WFM Prologue or The Most Gundam Birthday Possible

Yeah, I thought it was necessary to write a small thing about the coming gundam series. Especially since we got a episode length prologue to the background of the series in question. This way we get a feeling for the characters, the coming conflict, and the whole political situation right now. This prologue was really well down. There are a few cliche things like how obvious the protagonist was going to be the one to get into the gundam itself. Or how there is going to be an inherent drama between Earth based humans ans what are called “the spacians” in this series, but those are just gundam tropes that are expected. It’s not like that is all there is.

This is a prologue that does a lot of good character work in a short amount of time. We are kind of thrown into the situation where a gundam is being tested. Not unheard of, but I never seen one still having its software being tested. Our test pilot for this group called Ochs Earth is testing a new gundam that is supposed to save everything. The pilot’s name is Elnora, who is the mother to Eri the actual protagonist. A protagonist who is currently four and its her birthday. Too bad her parents are test pilots to a station that is about to be destroyed. Why? That is the most interesting thing. There is an actual reason behind it even if there is some cruelty.

Ochs Earth is a corporation that makes their mobile suits stronger through connecting the pilots to it. The danger is that as a person uses it at higher and higher levels, the GUND formatted mobile suit (or Gundam) kills the pilot. The new Gundam operating system was supposed to be the game changer but it didn’t work on time. The Grassley Defense Systems, led by Delling, makes the case that Ochs EArth should be banned as he sends a huge military team to destroy everything there. In the end, the show is as dramatic as you can make it out to be in really good and well written ways as Eri and her mother escape on the new mobile suit to mercury I would assume. You know, given the title of it.

What a beautiful little film. Sunrise really brought out the A-Team for this one on the best levels. Great writing for eri and the tragedy that was real because the team working on the mobile suit supposedly still had time before their deadline to complete their gundam. Also, really good and well directed mechanical animation that I do not expect the show to have, even if I know its going to be good. Who knew that Eri, treating the mobile suit as a friend rather then an object like everyone else, would be the secret to getting the new gundam to layer 33. A cute anime girl with a good soul and no clear idea about what is going on as people die around her in a complex situation that just isn’t her fault. I think she is going to grow up to be a bit bitter.

What do you guys think? Have you watched the prologue yet? You can watch it below if you haven’t. Gundam Info had it on YouTube.

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