Fuuto PI at the Halfway Point

Ok, at the point this is coming out the ninth episode of this show is going to come out tomorrow. But still, it’s time to discuss at least some points about this show in some detail. This show that is adapting a manga from a Kamen Rider series sequel. I wasn’t sure if I would just be able to fit into the show at first because there is that season of Kamen Rider W that isn’t legally available anywhere to check out. I was happy that Fuuto PI was designed to get new viewers into the show and check out more Kamen Rider. I don’t know about that checking more Kamen Rider in the immediate future, but I am interested in checking out more then the Kamen Rider manga I read.

The concept behind this show is really cool. A mystery show with detectives that can also turn into Kamen Rider and fight villains during episodes or at the end of each arc. After all, the show is called Fuuto PI because its Fuuto Private Investigation. The prevailing mystery of the show is based around these things called Gaia Memories which can manipulate and curse people into really bad directions if they let them. Something which Fuuto PI is trying to solve because even i they are not made anymore they can ruin lives and hearts of so many people. I really dig it because it is just good stuff so far.

Each arc of this show, at least from the first two, were three episodes in length. In my mind, this show really hit its stride in the second arc. The mystery was interesting, there was simple but good character moments, the story was really good, and you can see some complicated moments. Even the villain appearing really set up the idea for the show. The first arc/mystery was decent in setting up Fuuto and characters, but it did it in a way that tried to keep you guessing when its pretty basic stuff. Having an idol and video gamer mystery in the second half really shows so much great work for it too. The third arc we are in is even more silly too.

Are there any sort of flaws in this show? Not much because it is just a lot of fun. I do think that the show centering itself on women is pretty classic noir shows, but it is pretty predictable. Or just the camera enjoying Tokime a bit too much because it does find someway to either have her clothes on and off or tear some parts of her outfit off too. But its gotten a lot better since the first arc where Tokime was the main draw so she was constantly on screen too. Having her apart of a unit instead of being the focus means that she only gets some focus and most of that is talking with other people or driving the plot forward too. So that’s been improving.

I really do enjoy the whole show right now too. It starting has been a real highlight for this season because I look forward to every episode. It is very well animated from character animation bits to the incredible action sequences with Kamen Rider building enemies. It isn’t anything really heavy or deep, but its fun and it works well with just being really fun. I’m glad it exists because besides this show, some sequels that are actually good (not on some), and Aoashi, this season is kind of lack luster. I wouldn’t enjoy the season if it was only ok stuff. Good stuff need to carry the energy into carrying the rest of the season.


  1. Yes! I was really surprised when I tried this show out and it was actually part of the Kamen Rider world! I had no idea. I’m not super familiar with the Kaman Rider series, but this anime was very easy to get into even if you don’t know the KR world very well. And it’s a really fun story! I like the two detectives, I like the femme fatale, and I like the office manager lady. And the mysteries are interesting without being too serious. It’s been a while since I found a new detective series that I enjoyed this much!

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