Shows I’m Watching For Fall 2022 (Starting Next Week?)

So yeah, the next season is starting soon. That means that everyone is putting out their lists for shows they are interested in checking out. This is just a practice that I don’t usually take part in, but I think that I will try it this time because its a full season of stuff. It’s one of those seasons that is like that old “why can’t I carry all these melons” memes. You know about that one if you are a person of a certain age of memes. Man, I feel really old writing that because of how its older internet culture.

Anyway, here are the shows that I plan on watching next season besides the second cour of Lucifer and the Biscuit Hammer that I am stubbornly holding onto.

The Shows

Chainsaw Man

Yeah this is the most highly anticipated show of the season and I have to watch it you know? Especially since I am updated with the manga and I want to see how well they adapt the manga or try to make it their own. Its different for me compared to everyone else who is just hyped about it because I actually know how good it is and where the series is going.

Spy X Family Cour 2

Another obvious one. I am up to date with the manga and I did like the first cour quite a bit. Why would I stop now?

Mob Psycho 100 Season 3

Yet another obvious one. I loved Mob Psycho’s first two seasons. Why wouldn’t I watch this one?

Golden Kamuy 4

Ditto for the last entry except make that first three seasons.

Tiger and Bunny Season 2 Cour 2

Once again, another obvious one.

Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch From Mercury

It’s a new gundam series and I happen to be a big gundam fan. The fact that I checked out the prologue and loved it gives me a lot of hope for this series in being some excellent stuff. I hope it is and even if it isn’t, I’m going to do it anyway.

Legend of the Galactic Heroes: Die Neue These Season 4

I miss space stuff so much that I am watching this series, even if I have already watched the older one. It’s still good stuff just in a different approach and I want to continue with this one because I love just seeing this story again because of the way this cast is building its characters AND the dynamic it is bringing when everything going on in it is still relevant now.

Urusei Yatsura (2022)

Urusei Yatsura is one of those older shows that I’ve heard about and wanted to watch for a long time. The problem is that it is just too long and this show at least gives me a chance to check out what its about and see more of this Lum character that I’ve seen everywhere. Especially when its made by David Productions. This should be a lot of fun.


After watching Aoashi all the way through, I want more soccer anime and I am glad that Bluelock, apparently a good soccer manga, is coming out for me. You know, just for me and nothing else.

Bibliophile Princess

Yeah, I want to check this one out to make sure I am getting a much more diverse anime watching portfolio and I can get out of my comfort zone more. The show itself looks pretty cute and I love the art style of it too.


So yeah, that’s my long list of shows that I am interested in checking out this coming season. Will I watch everything? I don’t know for sure. It feels like these lists are usually full of predictions that do not always come to pass sometimes. Or sometimes they do. You never know about the quality of the show you are watching until you actually do watch it. That’s how everything works.


  1. This season looks nuts. I’ll be watching Spy x Family and Chainsaw Man, maybe Urusei Yatsura, and Uzaki-chan just because I watched the first season anyway so I feel kind of invested now, even if I’m not in love with it. Would be watching Mob Psycho too but I’m not caught up (yet.)

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  2. It sounds like it’s going to be a great season for you regardless of how many series you manage to get too! My list is pretty small, just SPYxFAM and of all things Pui Pui Molcar the newest season lol. I’m hoping that for everyone else that Chainsaw Man really does come through since there is so much hype for it.

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    1. I hope the same way. Even if there are hints about it, I don’t think that anyone really knows what its like or what its about so it might be another SpyXFamily thing where people end up disappointed again.

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      1. I didn’t even know that that people were disappointed with SpyxFam! Maybe because I was just watching it with my friend lol.

        But fingers crossed regardless!

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  3. Yeah, this season has so many great series being released it’s a little crazy! Of course, I’m still trying to catch up from last season, so I haven’t even started thinking about what I’m going to watch.

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  4. Wow, 8 out of the 10 there are also on my list lol. Legend of the Galactic Heroes and Bibliophile Princess are the two there I’m not planning to watch. But still, that’s a lot if similar shows hehe. Here’s to a great season!

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