Love After World Domination: Super Sentai After School Club

Super Sentai Feelings

I have gotten into some more tokusatsu recently. I’ve been mainly focusing on Ultraman because that is the show that gets new episodes of things into people’s eyes for free. Same with so many versions also being available for free on tubi and so many other places. That is where I watched 66 and now, Ultraseven. Plus, Decker is on YouTube. This show makes me wish I chose some Super Sentai stuff instead. Besides the one manga I read and some power rangers I watched as a youngster, I know nothing about it at all. I feel like there were some inside jokes, besides obvious ones, that I am missing out on. 

Something which I mention because this is a super sentai show. I have seen some clips of a very specific super sentai series, Carranger, that this show was apparently based on. Especially since a princess class level villain and a red ranger fell in love with each other. Honestly, just thinking about it makes me smile enough. Maybe I should see if Carranger is available for streaming somewhere because I would love to check it out. I know that some super sentai shows are available for streaming. Maybe I should understand the heart that created Love After World Domination. 

A Super Sentai Set Up

So yeah, on paper the plot is the pretty typical good guys versus evil guys sort of plot. The very evil and definitely villainous Secret Society Gekko, who have apparently burnt half the world but what are we supposed to know, are on their continuing quest to just destroy it. A very deep and complicated organization from their monster class units to the princess units who serve under them to the usual super sentai mooks. Who is there to stop them but the Gelato Five super sentai group. The Red Gelato, Fudo, is the star of the show after he confesses his love to the reaper princess, Desumi. Then the whole show changes.

While super sentai fights still happen and things like that, it’s mainly excuses for Fudo and Desumi to have dates. (It’s pointed out in a fun way.) Something which becomes obvious when the rest of the battle is happening in the background while Desumie and Fudo find a place to talk to each other away from battle. Sometimes, they do have to put on a show for appearances when they are caught, but the show is basically about the down time between those moments. Or sometimes when Desumie and Fudo are off the battlefield and go on dates when they aren’t going for school. There is a fun silliness and innocence that makes this show just work so well.

Really Good Silliness

I do make the joke in the title about the super sentai stuff being like an after school club and honestly, it kind of is. Mainly because the cast are mostly in high school when they aren’t fighting each other. I also say this because Yuki Yuna exists and their after school club is involved with saving what is left of humanity from the brink of existence. I think after that, it’s fair to call all of this an after school club. Still, one of the most awesome after school clubs possible. Cool outfits, cool fights, and such. The show takes that romance aspect and the super sentai aspect into full account into its slice of life format and it kind of rules honestly.

I love that we get to see Desumi and Fudo’s lives around each other and then their organization. The ongoing joke of Desumie being a normal girl, that just happens to be insanely strong, who everyone is afraid of her is good. She does so much normal antics and everyone acts “oh, she’s going shopping for evil torture devices” when she just goes clothes shopping. Or we could mention how deep some love angels get into the organization itself when these super sentai villains find love with each other. Or how Desumi’s dad is proud of his art of being a mook. It’s just so good and I am not even scratching the surface of this great humor.

A Pure, First Romance

I have to say, Fudo actively confessing his love to Desumi was sweet. Especially since he was the person that saw beyond the reaper princess before anyone else did. Between the muscle headed Fudo and the muscled but powerful Desumi, none of them have dated before this show started and there are some real jitters between them. Their first date, for instance, was Fudo doing his workout routine with Desumi. While his yellow ranger buddy told Fudo that it was wrong at first, it turned out to be a good time for both of them was all that matters. It looks at those normal tropes, because this is a normal situation, and spits on them in a good way.

Then it just continues like that. It really does remind me of Ore Monogatari in some ways. Especially since some jealousy does get between them. Or how there are always characters after one of the pairs which are mentioned in some ways and handled very delicately too. Or there could be one of them not ever thinking about the implications of their actions and they have to talk to resolve it. I really like it because it is very cute and very real. Or at least as real as the super sentai aspect of the show. The fun and cheesiness just matches with each other. My favorite moments of the show are about these two being together.

The Side Characters Are Full of Life

As one would say or I would say, the show feels so well rounded because of how it indulges in its world and its characters. The rest of the Gekko five are very interesting. Well, most of them are. A certain blue gelato, Hayato, is nothing but a girl chaser and every single interaction with him sucks. At least the show kind of knows that by putting his off screen whenever they can. Yellow Gelato,Misaki, is a good, older sister kind of character that I would like to see more of because she’s pretty fun. Haru, the pink Gelato, is really cute and keeps Fudo and Desumi’s secret. The entire backstory of green Gelato, Daigo, is hilarious and why I like him.

 Gekko is just a lot of fun. I love their secret organization and their character dynamics. I still can’t get over seeing these super villain monsters and princess characters, in their usual skimpy outfits, eating a normal school cafeteria lunch room. Those are just some of my favorite things. Super villains doing normal things in normal locations is one of my favorite tropes and that is everywhere here. Then the personalities of the beast princess who is jealous of desumi, the relationship between culverin bear and steel princess, and such. I love it all so much. They are the reason, besides Desumie and Fudo, that I loved watching every single episode. 

Wrapping Up Love After World Domination

Yeah, this show was so much fun. It works with a lot of good visual direction. Visually, the show is above average. Some really cool character designs with a lot of expression behind them. Same with good faces and other things too. The action scenes are pretty solid enough overall, even if they aren’t as fluid as some other action shows. It all works in tone with the show itself and that is why it is good. It’s very good, clean, and consistent throughout and I don’t think there was a singular bad looking episode throughout it. Perfect for what the show wants to do. 

Another really good show. Another solid one that gave me a good laugh after coming home and that’s what I needed it for. I was never disappointed in any episode that I watched because I knew it was going to be good no matter what happens in it. The goofiness, the silliness, and the purity of it all sold me on all of it. As I’ve stated before many times, I like the relationship between Desumi and Fudo. I like almost everything about this show. It’s the best sort of stuff that I can like and enjoy, so it really does show and segment great things about it in the best sorts of ways too. Heavy recommend if this sounds like your kind of show. Or even if its not. It has something for everyone.

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