Summer 2022 Anime in Review (Part 2)

Here we are, the follow up to the first part. There, you can read that post by following the link provided. This post will be a lot shorter then that. Especially since both of these games are good! Possibly even great!

Love Live Superstar Season 2

I do plan on writing a longer post very soon,because this season was amazing start to finish. Except maybe the ending which still gives the unprecedented third season some interesting directions to go. The original idea feels like it would too, but this is handled in a different way. Kanon really did change this season from that stuttering person who couldn’t sing in season 1 to someone who could actually be considered a leader who speaks for her people. I do not think that Ren, Chi, Sumire, or Keke changed as much other then being senpais, but they didn’t have to. They are already great characters.

The biggest thing that worked out well were the four first years added to the Leila cast. Kinako, Mei, Shiki, and Natsumi all added so much to the experience that is superstar. From them being behind the first years and making Leila question how they would move things as they progressed towards Love Live to having their own little arcs and character moments. They were such fantastic additions to Leila and they were just presented so naturally. Such a fantastic second season. I hope that the third season can continue in quality. Even if it doesn’t, everything will be worth it.

Fuuto PI

This was a fun time. 4, three episode mysteries of different varieties with lots of great character moments and cool lines. Along with very well animated action sequences and just Kamen Rider fun as well as there too. Tokime, the mystery girl of the first arc, had a pretty fun bit of growth besides the show focusing on her a bit too much at times. I’m glad that was narrowed down a bit. Philip and Shotaro are also a fun duo. The entire agency itself was just a lot of fun as they worked together to solve these different mysteries. Highly recommended for a fun time because there is meat on the bones. It just needs another season or even another arc to conclude everything.

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