(Wormhole Tour) The City in IGPX

I feel like I have too many projects to work and write on right now and that’s why I am ending the blog tour with this post. This is something that I wanted to do for a little while and I am glad that other people decided to join alongside me with this idea. Thanks for joining me. You should read all their posts:

Here is SushiRainbow’s post and it’s really a good one too. Please read it. Also, read Haru’s post too. A Such interesting angles to approach all of this.

I know that there are other people who are writing their posts. I will link them here as they appear.

The Prompt

So the prompt is a pretty simple one. You are a crewmember of the MSN-1702 Mecha Base. One random day while traveling through outer space, the Mecha Base comes into contact with a wormhole.

Where does the ship go? Where is the location that you want the MSN-1702 Mecha Base to show up in the entire world of anime, manga, or whatever piece of media you are interested in writing about?

Thinking About What World/Anime to Stop By On

This entire tour was a bit of a challenge for me to work on. It’s one where we get on a ship, the Mecha Base, and show up in any sort of location that we just enjoy. The thing about the anime I enjoy is that most of it takes place in dystopias or just places they wouldn’t want to live there. Stand Alone Complex is an amazing city with an amazing setting, but I would hate living there. I am so thankful that we are connecting to the internet through a rectangle we carry with us instead of plugging the internet directly into my head. Cyber brain hacking is a real horror in Stand Alone Complex. Some things are left better to fiction.

So the inspiration that I took was something that I enjoyed that has everyone I love in it, but is also a lot of fun. What is a mecha show that doesn’t have the death of the world in the stakes of the entire show. Then I remembered a show that I just rewatched recently and wrote about a couple years ago for Mecha March. It’s IGPX.

About IGPX

It is very easy to explain what IGPX is about. It’s simply a mecha racing anime. One could even call it a sports anime because teams are competing to be at the top of the entire racing world. It really is a tournament anime with a lot of characters with distinct personalities and wonderful mecha to give our team, Satomi, a challenge. It really is the perfect combination of those mecha racing, some character antics between teams and outside teams, mechanical repair, and good looks of what the city environment has for places to eat or just to hang out. 

The characters themselves are definitely just archetypes that have a bit more flesh to them then one would expect for them to have. Takeshi is a young boy that is a genius at racing, but barely practices. He is balanced out by the very hot blooded Liz who is serious about everything. Then the base of the whole time is the very calm and nice Amy and her talking cat. It’s a very good, but sometimes unstable team that can somehow face off against the best racers in the entire city right now.

IGPX’s Setting

This show takes place in 2049. One thing that is never mentioned is the city’s name, but I know and can see where everything is. The main draw of the city itself is the 180 mile race track and the teams that want to occupy it. That requires a lot of engineering jobs to maintain, update, and upgrade all of those materials. That in itself leads to a civilian population of the city along with its various goods and services. It is a very clean and technologically advanced city that is very walkable and almost perfect for everything. It really does feel like some sort of utopia to live in.

Especially with that main draw of mecha racing. There is always something to look forward to and enjoy when you know that mecha are going to be racing at some point. It’s not just the high level of technology in the city, but it’s the mecha racing that makes it all just become this perfect world. Especially when they are as believable mecha as one could create and make out for their own experiences. The fact that mecha can exist in a scenario that isn’t just a war, but for recreational and professional purposes. It is possible to do going 350 mph on a 180 mile long track. But there are also a lot of safer measures around to make sure it doesn’t happen.

IGPX’s city is a city that could only exist in a fictional world. It’s true that capitalism does have some play in what team gets what parts. Especially when that relies on how successful a team is, but the race and skill are a great equalizer. And it looks like the citizens in IGPX live a pretty happy and fulfilling lives where they don’t have to worry about suddenly becoming poor or living on the streets. I would love to just live in this city because as a person who has studied engineering and loves mecha, it is the perfect environment for someone like me to live in. 

Concluded This Collab

This blog tour didn’t take off as much as the last one, but I feel like the smaller and more intimate group helped in a lot of ways. I really enjoyed reading what everyone put up and I admit that I was a bit behind myself in posting this one too. It feels like I am always up to something and while I do have time for blogging because 9 pm and onward are my prime blogging hours, I sometimes just don’t have enough time to write everything that I want to. There are other projects that I am slowly putting together too. Busy, busy, busy.

So thank you everyone that took part for joining and everyone who read these posts for being good people. I will see you in the next blog post. The next project is going to be in March and I think we all know what that means. Hopefully anyway. 

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