Weekly Seasonal Watches: Fall 2022 Anime Season Week 4

Seasonal Anime Episodes

This week feels like the busiest one yet for all the activities that I am interested in doing. One Piece Red is coming out this week and I’ve had my ticket available for that movie ever since I could have it. Godzilla Against Mechagodzilla is appearing in theaters too and while I own it and have watched it before, nothing really beats the movie theater experience. I’m pretty excited to see both of them on the big screen. Should be a good week.

Golden Kamuy Season 4 Episode 4

I just, this show man. It’s pretty fun and wild as one would expect. Especially considering that this is Koito’s backstory and its more layered then one would think it is. He is he second son of a military admiral. A military admiral who watched his first son die in the Sino-Japanese war. Really cruel and chaotic and Koito thought he was a waste of a son. So basically, with Tsurimi’s appearance, this is an episode of Koito connecting with his dad after he was kidnapped with by Russian prisoners and he was going to return back to them. Suddenly, the weird guy does make sense. I also loved how Koito’s dad is surprisingly buff and he was not bothered by his motorbike falling apart. It’s kind of wonderful.

Chainsaw Man Episode 3

Yeah, this adaptation is still chugging along and doing alright. Especially since this is Power’s true entry in the show and it’s a good one for the most part. This dirty, messy girl who cares about nothing but her cat, so she does some minor manipulation into getting Denji to be her sacrifice to a gigantic bat devil. Something which goes wrong for all of them, which leads to Denji turning on Chainsaw mode and a pretty long and entertaining action sequence. All for the power of grabbing booba. Some crazy times in Chainsaw Man for sure. Yup.

Legend of the Galactic Heroes: Die Neue These – Intrigue Episode 5

Man, talk about the whole conspiracy game being set into motion. As in all of them. All of them that are possible. Especially with Reinahrd letting the emperor being taken into the Free Planets Alliance and him playing his game despite killing some people along the way. Especially when the emperor is a child that is rebelling. Soon, Reinhard will be able to move through the Fezzan corridor and everyone will have to accept all the sacrifices he made to play with the Fezzan politics and cause damage to everyone. This is such a terrifying episode.

Mob Psycho 100 Season 3 Episode 4

Well, the tension is truly mounting here. The giant broccoli is gaining so many followers especially lead by what could be the spirit of the broccoli? A spirit that looks like mob. The only person that we know that hasn’t been taken over yet? Mob. No one is left and its up to him to save Seasoning City from the cult controlled by Dimple/Broccoli. Not to mention all the plants are dying right now too. Uh oh. Some crazy visuals are probably going to happen soon with hopefully a release of all this tension in fascinating ways too. Very good episode.

Bibliophile Princess Episode 4

Well, this one took an interesting turn in a way that I kind of enjoy. Our boy Christopher going in as a disguise to a book fair that happens every three years with Eliana dressing down a bit more then usual? I can dig it. I also really like the small encounter with the orphan children because they somehow uncovered another noble fraud plot. Also, the two kids are pretty fun and Eliana and Chris’ romantic antics are pretty powerful. Just a solidly cute episode.

Urusei Yatsura (2022) Episode 3

One richboy named Mendou shows up and all hell is breaking loose. Especially when competing over the class president and the guy just instantly starts to commit seppuku after seeing losing a duel to Lum with her electricity. So that means the dynamic has changed a bit to where Lum is still after Ataru, Shinobu wants Mendou, Mendou wants Lum, and Ataru wants Shinobu. The entire cave encounter was just hilarious with all sorts of great moments. Some interesting alliances appeared and it makes me happy.

Lucifer and the Biscuit Hammer Episode 16

Hey, the direction behind this show is getting really good. At least in this episode, because it was nice and character focused while having some things going on in the background to add tension. For instance, our owl knight always felt off from the rest of the cast but after meeting our Shinonome crow night in the mountains and was happily included with everyone else. Especially since the guy doesn’t have a good family. The little golems are also getting stronger while Yuuhi and the others are just enjoying eating ramen or trying to find a balance to their lives. It’s just a good episode for everything it does.

Tiger and Bunny Season 2 Part 2 Episode 4

Should have expected that this episode would happen. But yeah, the Next are being kicked out of modern society and thrown into internment camps. So yeah, usual racism for a disease that none of these people are at fault at or under control, which I know that Tiger and Bunny is against. It is yet again compounded a bit more because our heroes are saying goodbye to their super suits and heroism before going away themselves. It really is just an episode of sad all over and I am sure that will culminated to some good stuff. Especially since the villains are plotting this for the public and man. I just can’t get over a lot of this. Good but sad episode once again.

Spy X Family Cour 2 Episode 5

I loved this episode quite a bit. It really does say a lot about art critique about how everything really is in the eye of the beholder. That part of the episode itself with Anya and Damien trying to reach some kind of connection was cute and hilarious and their art together, while trash, was still given an award. The ending of this episode focused on handler’s and Loid’s spy antics and then ending with Loid talking about Anya’s physical growth was hilarious too because that really is this show in a nutshell.

Raven of the Inner Palace Episode 5

Well, this was definitely an episode where characters got to see more of each of each other’s demons. This time that is partially literal because our emperor’s demons of his dead loved ones really showed up and his servant, who is very ashamed of his past, saw them. There is the mystery of the sorceror and the one with the ghost haunting an area outside which didn’t get fully investigated yet. But there was a lot of good and bad friction between characters which helped fill out a lot of the space and I like learning more about this cast.

Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch From Mercury Episode 5

Everyone is out torture our little girl and it hurts because SULETTA IS MY DAUGHTER…and a lot of other people’s daughter. It is sad that Elan, another sad kid used by his parents, is forced to used the improperly used Gund system because of how his body was made for it. Of course he thought Suletta was someone like him because of that, but the alternative is real and yet something that he himself cannot accept which is why his aggression against her started occurring. I’m glad that Miorine and Guel are out there to look after Suletta and even duel for her, but in the end this is a fight that Suletta will have to win herself. Very powerful episode once again with more political movements still happening behind Acsticassia Academy.

This Week’s Episode Ratings

Last year, I started a small graph system that I used to rank the weekly episodes I’ve watched. I’m going to bring it back for this season and see how it goes. I just want to make my opinions a bit more clearer other then “I really like this anime episode that did those things?”. If this helps at all.

Now, this doesn’t mean that the episode on the bottom is bad. Just that that it wasn’t as good as the others. That’s it really. In the end, this is all arbitrary after all just like most of what I blog anyway. It’s just another thing, what is the difference?


  1. Happy Halloween! Yes the SpyXFamily episode was super funny! I loved watching Anya trying to get her plan to work on Damien. The best part was definitely when the teacher was explaining why Damien won the art competition. Evidently Anya wasn’t actually bad at art, it’s just that everyone around her didn’t understand her artistic genius!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Mob still dominates, Chainsaw Man is a fascinating experience, Golden Kamuy is crazy as always and Spy x Family had the best ep in its 2nd cour yet. The titans of the season these are.

    Urusei Yatsura also happened to have its best ep so far, it was fun. Hope it continues down this route. Great review as always 👍

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Low-key it was, honestly. In a insight, Fall 2022 is going to make people remember 2022 as this great anime year. Not a bad one (perhaps good, even) but the sheer hype this season carries is gonna butterfly effect all of our heads lol.

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