Fall 2022 Anime At The Halfway Point

Well, somehow we are at the halfway point of this season already. How does that happen? Well, I guess it is one of those instances to where we are all susceptible to the wallows of time. We can’t control time, we just have to live in it. Anyway, this post is about seasonal anime stuff and not about the questionable logical bits of time and the inevitabity of it all. This season has been a lot of fun and I am not even watching every single show because there is no time for that. Just means that its time to check them out later because I do want to enjoy the madness that is Akiba Maid War eventually.

When it comes this little bit of seasonal talk, I do have to mention that Golden Kamuy is stopping at the halfway point due to one of its major staff member passing away. That’s fine and its absolutely respectful. I don’t know waiting as long as I have to to watch these groups of idiots come back and try to find their gold. It does mean that this halfway perspective is a finale for now because this is just what we are going to get for now. I mean, we know its going to come back and that wait is going to be worth it.

Anyway, we should start talking about these shows a bit.

Seasonal Anime Talk

A Handy Guide for how I feel about shows:

Solid: Seasonal Favorites, Highly Recommend.
Good: Maybe not as high quality as the first category, but still pretty enjoyable.
Ok: What it says on the tin. Maybe preferable for those who are into the genre the show is from.
Bad: I’m not even sure why I am still watching it besides maybe learning something from it.

Mobile Suit Gundam: Witch From Mercury

Yeah, this is just really good Gundam stuff. The setting is different by having it set at a school for mobile suit development and product testing. In my mind, that just magnifies a lot of the attributes of Gundam series past 0079. For instance, after the original series, the UC era is a running commentary on elites pushing around weapons to keep themselves in control and have everyone else suffer.

So anyway, I love this little mix of Utena and the Tempest in Gundam form. Sulleta is such an enduring protagonist and seeing her stumble around the politics of the setting around her including mobile suit duels and so many other things she doesn’t understand. She feels like a ray of light in a world that has seen so much darkness and ruin. Plus, she and Miorine are so good. Same with the rest of the cast. Can’t wait to see more.

Mob Psycho III

Yeah, Mob Psycho is just good stuff and it continues to that good stuff in season 3. Especially with this season where the ramifications of last season with the appearance of the sky tree and Dimple’s long absence finally make an appearance. Shigeo is still the good character he has been and the action is good and really still nothing that I’ve seen before. It’s beautiful stuff.

Legend of the Galactic Heroes: Die Neue These – Intrigue

This show is really making us feel the long term sort of damage from political decisions that cause two parties to go to war with each other and why this will hurt generations for such a long time. We started with the fortress combat, but the plot doesn’t feel as heavy as the grand schemes behind the Alliance, Fezzan, and the Empire causing the destruction of so many people in between these political figures. The next six episodes are going to be the empire invading the FPA through the Fezzan corridor and I am and am not looking forward to how this show will portray that compared to the original series.

Spy X Family Cour 2

I think people know what Spy X Family. The spy thriller beginning was excellent and now we are cooled down with a bit of light hearted slice of life materiel with the background of this political world influencing these kids in the ways that they understand. I mean, these are believable kids doing these things. It isn’t doing the hyper comedic like last season with the grown up kid yet, but it could happen in the future. Even i it doesn’t, this is still a good show.

Golden Kamuy

This season has been all over the place with its character focus and its ideas, but it is all making sense in the end. Especially since it is given some sort of direction through its small character interactions here and there. Some clean and exceptional elements with the goofiest gags that Golden Kamuy can come up with too. In its four seasons, this show really has and hasn’t changed because how a show can be so ridiculous and genuine like this feels so rare.

Chainsaw Man

Yeah, this is where I am placing Chainsaw Man because it is a good show. I just feel like its over hype has affected a lot of its production too because its too polished and too clean. This is a juvenile manga and this is like watching a high level prestige show that doesn’t match up any of the material that we see in it. Denji is a good character; same with Power and everyone else. The story is still very well written. I just wanted more jagged points then what it has been because that would mean the people behind this production actually understand it more then they are showing.

Tiger and Bunny Season 2 Cour 2

A lot of heavy stuff going on this season. It almost feels like there is too much stuff, but it does make sense following the first cour. The Next being segregated to their own zone because of a fake disease and a scheme with the heroes forced out of their super hero suits legally? It’s some heavy stuff for sure, but the execution of it through crazy people messing things up when the heroes are given that time to investigate feels a bit too much too. It feels more plot led and not character led even if it makes sense for the characters? They aren’t given enough time.

Raven of the Inner Palace

A very slow court drama with some exploration of characters past through ghosts and other things. Slow should be the emphasis because the norm in the series slowly changes through the interactions between shouxue (the Raven Consort) and the emperor. Some really cool bits of the background being seen through moments that make a lot of sense and the possibility of romance between the very tsundere Raven consort and the emperor make this show pretty worth while as some sort of comfort watch.

Bibliophile Princess

Very cute little show about the relationship between Elianne and the King to be, Christopher. Especially with Eli being a relatable anti social mess compared to the rest of the cast who would rather dive into her books. Honestly, a very relatable experience. I wish this show didn’t feel as disjointed as it did though because even episodes that are connected to each other feel out of order from each other. Or how the episodes are framed because they are a bit too much of a mess at times. Its what is holding this back this show from being better.

Urusei Yatsura (2022)

This is a comfy sort of sitcom style of show where you know how the characters are going to react every episode from all the insane situations each of the cast are put into. There is at least a few chuckle worthy moments each week in this madness of insane idiots yelling at each other. I’m glad that it was rebooted for 2022 because it feels like the right moment for it to happen.

Lucifer and the Biscuit Hammer Cour 2

I repeat a lot of the same things that I said during my last over all look at airing anime last season. This show’s writing is doing a lot of the heavy lifting because its manga is so good that you can’t dull out good writing from mediocre directing, art, or animation. I think the direction has gotten a bit better and the animation has been sharper at points. Still a hole for this show to dig out of though, but improvements should be noted when they happen.


So this is how I see the season right now. There are no bad shows in my eyes. Its just that there are so many good shows that the ones who aren’t as good as the others get shoved down a little bit. That’s it on that level of a season because of how many good things here has been. I would easily recommend all of these shows. Go ahead and check them out if you get the chance and/or they sound like your thing. Once again, thanks for reading.

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