(#MechaMarch2023 Prelude) Lightspeed Electroid Albegas – First Reaction

Mecha March 2023 and Voltron

I don’t usually give away the main idea of my future projects are behind until mid February, but I thought it would be a fun thing to do. The main idea behind Mecha March 2023 is going to be localization. Voltron’s original versions and the series referenced as the supposed to be Voltron are going to be one of many major focuses. I’ve already written a lot of those posts in advance and I am in the middle of the last series of that small Voltron saga.

So why is this relevant in this post? Albegas is a series that was originally in planning to be the third Voltron series, Gladiator Voltron. There are toys of it out there and since I can’t find more then two episodes of this subbed anywhere, including some questionable sites, this felt like a great way to at least get some talk of this series going a bit. I’m trying to be as much of a completionist as I can just for this one instance.

Lightspeed Electroid Albegas Episodes 1 and 2

The nickel pitch of this show is that this series stars three different high school students defending the Earth from an alien invasion. All three of these students: the energetic and horny Daisaku, the calm gang looking member Tetsuya, and the hot girl and daughter of a scientist Hotaro, are three kids that won a mecha building competition. Immediately after the awards, the Deringer start invasion from their tower they secretly built and the rest is history. They are the defenders of the Earth.

It’s really say that only two episodes of this show are available subbed because there feels like a lot of potential and ideas placed from these first episodes alone. Obviously, the first episode introduces the cast members, the side characters, and other parts too. We especially learn about the stakes and the off the wall nature of this invasion because the Deringer aren’t doing it in a conventional way. The built into the human cities infrastructure first and slowly wanted to take over Earth in that way. How creative and that’s not in sarcasm.

Then the second episode came around and it really showed where Albegas can go from here, character conflicts, the entire drama that is happening with other students and even some adults wanting the Albegas crew to turn themselves in instead of fighting for their sake so the three kids are quickly isolated from the rest of the world. Hotaro’s dad (who is an engineering repairing the robots) didn’t want them to fight the enemy at a specific time to save a lot more people. Something which the three kids go against to save the people that look down on them.

All of that could be interesting just like how we haven’t seen seen all the forms of the Albegas robot. Apparently, this robot can change design depending on which robot goes where in their design a lot like Getter Robo. Except, this looked lot a lot of color swapping, which works too. The mechanical animation was. generally ok and not amazing, so maybe it was because all of those transformation sequences. If more of this show becomes subbed or if I can find somewhere to watch it if those subs exist, then I will do it. There is just a lot of potential.

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