Weekly Seasonal Watches: Fall 2022 Anime Season Week 11

Seasonal Anime Episodes

Chainsaw Man Episode 10

Well, this is the licking wounds episode. Especially since so many people died and quit after the assassins killed lots of people in the devil hunting business. It also means strengthening what is left. Power and Denji need to be stronger and how that is going to happen is an old man, Kishibe, is going to continually murder both of them until they get stronger. Flawless, I’m sure. Then Aki, who has two years to live, is going to get in touch with the Future Devil. Rather ominous there. (I love the Future Devil and I hope everyone loves his meme lord sort of nature.) So yeah, people haven’t fully discovered Chainsaw Man’s humor and you are about to see all of it.

Legend of the Galactic Heroes: Die Neue These – Intrigue Episode 12 (Cour Finale)

The invasion of Fezzan happened and it was as much of a by the book invasion as one would expect. Meitermeyer is a fantastic commander and he was only defeated in small gain by people who knew the empire was coming to invade and sneaky people who know how to play their cards. But it was crazy to see Fezzan, who have no military force, trying to get the imperial navy to work under their guide liens while not understanding what was a complete invasion. The episode and/or season ends with Reinahrd being called Kaiser, so that’s a good capstone.

Mob Psycho 100 Season 3 Episode 11

Mob Psycho, what happened? Why are you like this? Why can’t Mob finally accept his whole being? Every attack against Mob has failed including the final boss from last season and his son working together. Or Ritsu hitting his own 100% moment that just wasn’t enough. All while every single motivation and passion that Mob held back all this time is just taking over and possibly deleting his kind personality. A split caused by Mob himself and at some point, he has to accept that he’s both. At least I hope so. Hmmm. It all ends next week.

Bibliophile Princess Episode 11

This show has gone in circles a little bit with Eli’s insecurity at play after her leaving from the castle for a day to rethink her actions. Then seeing the horrible competitor princess breaking into her room and taking in some real bits of propaganda from her war mongering family and then trying to convince Christopher otherwise is pretty bad. I’m glad this conflict didn’t end the way i could have been. We also see that Chris’ mom does love Elianna in her own kind of harsh way. Plus Chris and Elianna talked to each other about this conflict and how each person is assuming to much from the other. Really good, touching episode.

Urusei Yatsura (2022) Episode 10

It’s really easy to tell that the production staff had quite a bit of fun in this episode. Mainly the first part when there is a Milf war put into motion that doesn’t happen. Mendou’s mom arrives by oxen car while Lum’s mom appears in a space ship that just crushes the cart and a small bit of a war starts through misunderstandings. It’s very cool and very well animated. The second part was a bit more emotional for when Lum disappeared from Ataru’s life for a little bit and he gets very sad. He really does love him doesn’t he? The creepy microphone doll was cute and very Lum.

Lucifer and the Biscuit Hammer Episode 23

I’m glad I stuck with watching this show. The emotional core of it is so good. Yuuhi defeating the other knights so easily, with a lot of the prep work he put behind it, is really excellent. Of course he wanted to be scene by weak as so many other people just so he could face Samidare by himself. That whole element showing how Yuuhi has grown versus Samidare’s implication of not wanting the world to leave her behind. That young girl hasn’t noticed she has friends and they want to help her or be with her despite her sickness that will probably destroy her once Animus disappears. This was the best episode

Tiger and Bunny Season 2 Part 2 Episode 11

Another fine episode. I wish that I got get more out of it then action moments that are there to get feelings out of people. It still worked on some level though. Seeing Subaru and Thomas work together finally after spending so much time together is good stuff and its sad that it didn’t turn out. Same with Bunny and Tiger working together to face down Lunatic who has her body over taken and so many other things. There is a lot of tension going on as Tiger has been mind wiped by the largest idiot possible leading into the final episode. There is a lot to think about.

Spy X Family Cour 2 Episode 12

Another bit of a calm down episode after the tennis stuff with Fiona and I suppose something like this needed to happen. Yor did have to confront Loid about it eventually and her getting drunk and asking about it. Same with Loid not being able to read Yor at all. I think Yor is more interested in the family itself instead of just being in love. She likes the comfort. The second part with Anya and Becky going shopping and going through clothes is just a lot of fun and cute stuff that did work in getting Damiens attention anyway. So generally alright episode.

Raven of the Inner Palace Episode 12

The best episode of this show just happened because it unveiled everything all in a way that makes the lore and everything make so much more sense. The Magpie Consort’s brother is just a zombie which craves blood that looks like him and nothing more, but she cant see that which leads to her own death before Shouxue kills it. That follows a very tense conversation between Shouxue and the sorceror about the nature of the raven and why he wants to kill her in which all of the people she made friends with defending her in really good action animation. It really is an episode that has everything in it and leaves some mystery in how the last episode will conclude.

Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch From Mercury Episode N/A


This Week’s Episode Ratings

Last year, I started a small graph system that I used to rank the weekly episodes I’ve watched. I’m going to bring it back for this season and see how it goes. I just want to make my opinions a bit more clearer other then “I really like this anime episode that did those things?”. If this helps at all.

Now, this doesn’t mean that the episode on the bottom is bad. Just that that it wasn’t as good as the others. That’s it really. In the end, this is all arbitrary after all just like most of what I blog anyway. It’s just another thing, what is the difference?


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