Older Anime Series I Enjoyed in 2022

This has been such a cool year for anime watching for me. I had some sort of goal to rewatch some of my favorite shows. I feel happy to say that somehow, I really did that. So part of those series will take up the majority of this sort of list. But there are also a lot of older anime series that I haven’t watched before to make this list. There are so many other older anime series out there that I want to watch. Real classics that haven’t been brought out to a lot of people or are paid attention to and people don’t know why. But for now, these are the older series that I watched this year. 

This should be a fun list. There is no set number or limit of shows I am going to put on this list. These are things that I liked and this is my blog, so I am just going to do what I want as usual. No one can stop me except myself. I will only say one show per franchise or series though. That is the one cut off I am doing. 

What is going to be called an older series on this list? I’m going to go with everything a decade or older. Shows from 2012 still look really good and can often be mistaken for shows that come out recently. So that is the cut off. Older shows then 2012 will be on this list. 



My discussion about Trigun is linked here and I’m not sure what else to say about it. It’s Trigun and I’m so happy that I got to rewatch it for the fourth time. I feel like I see something more from it every time I check it out. So enjoy it yourself.

Cowboy Bebop

I feel like there is going to be a lot of repeats for this section. Very Happy to watch Cowboy Bebop again and get more out of it. A wonderful journey of a these five dorks in one singular ship just trying to survive. It was excellent.

Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex

My favorite anime series ever. Such a lovely experience going all the way through it again and just reconfirming that it is still such an incredible work. Just peak sort of cyberpunk material that everyone should check out.

Moribito: Guardian of the Spirit

Another great rewatch of a show. So many people should check it out. Such a classic sort of work with the protagonist being an almost 30 year old woman and its so well written. Same director of Stand Alone Complex, Kenji Kamiyama, is behind it so its really good.

Stellvia of the Universe

The theme continues again of these great rewatches. Such an interesting space story with a main protagonist that is the most relatable protagonists I’ve ever seen. Honestly, just check it out because you can’t find it everywhere else.


Now we enter the Goro Taniguchi zone. It’s such incredible action material with a very interesting twist and a good message behind it too. It has all of those sorts of creative use of powers that JoJo kind of does, but a bit more grounded and it makes sense in its own sort of world.


The most grounded sci fi series that I’ve ever watched. The ending is kind of lacking in its impact because I don’t believe that rich people would say or stop things when they did, but the meaning behind everything made a lot of sense too.

Newer Old Watches?

Cyber City Oedo 808

Ah, this was such a fun cyberpunk adventure and I just want more of it. Please, give me more. Such really well done and creative journeys for these three characters we’ve seen. I know this was completed in 1991, but sequel please? If they can bring back Spriggan in a good way, they can do it with this show.

Fight! Iczer-1

Such a good sort of ova with such an interesting and creative sort of ova with this journey of these protagonists trying to connect with each other and fighting over this alien invasion too. Really good looking adventure too, so its good and incredible in those sorts of ways.

Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas

This was apart of my Saint Seiya journey and it was such a treat. Saint Seiya with really good looking modern sort of animation even if its the original Saint Seiya’s backstory too. Very simple and compressed and on good sorts of levels too.


Such an ikuhara anime and its a great masterpiece for them too. Some cool and incredible pieces of materials and well produced things for them too. It is a series that you can get any sort of reading that you want out of it and it still works. Check it out.

Space Pirate Captain Harlock

An adventure with the best sort of captain ever. The one that accepts you no matter what kind of captain you’ve seen before too. Plus, a legitimately amazing sort of space adventure store there too with a great material and adventure for it too.

Infinite Ryvius

More material for the Goro Taniguchi watch along. It is called by some people as Lord of the Flies in space, but it is so much more then that. A great space adventure film with some realistic mecha action too. It is such a painful experience at times, but it deserves a watch when you can get them.


A simple and excellent anime about a very special bar and people telling their issues to a bartender and then getting a drink that might solve their problems. Not just one sort of bar, but Eden’s Hall, the best bar ever with the best bartender by the “Glass of God”. Plus, so much research went into every single drink.

Lupin The Third: Part 1

The first Lupin adventure. People should know what Lupin is, so it’s an easy recommend to see where it started. Yeah, go watch it. It’s only two cours in length.

Alien Nine

Another cool story about elementary school kids (mainly girls) facing puberty through the exploration of space aliens and adult women trying to force it on them in strange ways. So yeah, i can love and dig them in such interesting ways.

Den-Noh Coil

An anime series that has a similar concept as the one above, but replace the space aliens with technology. This is like Ghost in the Shell and Studio Ghibli meet and its such a great adventure of kids letting their loved ones go and what it means to be an adult.

Paradise Kiss

An anime series based on the manga by Ai Yazawa behind Nana. Well,t his one was before Nana and I think it hits harder because of how shorter it is. Another look into the fashion industry with such an interesting look and other details for it too. It really does capture so much teenage energy that a lot of shows that right now can’t handle it.

Future Boy Conan

This is the Early Miyazaki work to check out. Every Miyazaka work’s dna from Nausicaa to Studio Ghibli can’t be felt from here. It’s also just really good and still holds up to this day. Please check it out


I realize that I chose so many things that I enjoyed, but why did I put so much anime series on this list? It took way too long just to write and put materials for this together too. Yeah, a bit too much time perhaps, but good anime should be seen and represented for it too. Go ahead and check it out these shows. All of them. Highly recommend it.


  1. Wow, that’s honestly a cool idea. Might be copying you for the next year’s, lol 😆
    From your list, I have also rewatched Beebop and Moribito so that’s another cool coincidence. There are a few titles there I’m certainly inclined to check out 👀

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  2. My childhood! Maybe i should rewatch some of them, I’ve gotten more into the idea of rewatching and rereading things but haven’t gone back that far yet, maybe i should bc i hardly remember any of them, it’d be a good refresher 😆

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