Older Anime Films I Enjoyed in 2022

So this is an extension of my older anime series that I enjoyed post. So it has the same rules. Everything at least needs to be ten years old to be on this list. That is enough time for it to at least feel retro to other people despite a lot of anime films from ten years ago still looking great. But I am also going with the rule of one franchise per list. Not that exciting of an intro, but that’s alright.

So yeah, let’s get to that list.

Flying Phantom Ship

The oldest anime film that I ever watched and its such a fun ride on so many chaotic things too. So many great pieces of works and other things too. Even if it was sporadically put together, it is a great ride with so many cool bits of action and important pieces and messages too. Check it out.

Demon of Steel

One of the most obscure ovas/films that I’ve ever checked out. Really good original piece of work with excellent bits of writing and so many more materials for it. I’m surprised it hasn’t gotten more popular because it is absolute worth your time if you catch it and check it out.

One Piece Film: Strong World

My first One Piece film that I’ve ever watched and it was amazing. It had everything that I ever wanted for a shonen jump film and it was actually interesting and got to me. Nothing like it was a stock sort of shonen jump film that left me uninterested and bored. Highly recommended.

Venus Wars

A classic anime film that I wanted to check out or a long time and it was definitely a visual spectacle with a decent enough story to carry it a long. You know, even if it was rushed. I was astonished by mechanical design that I’ve never seen before with Shuichi Ikeda’s voice appeared out of nowhere. I love it.

Macross Frontier: The Wings of Farewell

I watched two Macross Frontier films this year, but this was my favorite one. It took a lot of the problems that I’ve had with the original series by changing the ending in a way that I enjoy a bit more. Everything about it is incredible and a lot of fun. I think everyone should check out these Frontier films.

Night on the Galactic Railroad

Another classic anime film that I enjoyed. Such a fun and surreal experience with some huge sort of emotional experiences for it too. Go ahead and check it out because it is a larger influence to anime series then you would expect.

Tomorrow’s Joe 2: The Movie

A recap movie of the second Tomorrow’s Joe series. I’m sure that its lacking a lot of the emotional appeal behind the anime itself, but this film is still really good. Its perfectly paced in a way that tells its story and it still hurts you. I appreciate all of it.


So yeah, these were the best of the sort of older anime films I checked out and they were a lot of fun. I’m currently looking through my list of older anime series I want to check out next year and that should be a fun time too. My continued search for older anime material has really brought up some good results and I’m glad I continue it.


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