Leaving 2022: The Continuing Blogging Story Lines of Mechanical Anime Reviews

This is a blog post that I’ve thought about writing for a while now, but this felt a like something to put at the end of the year. Especially since this doesn’t seem like something that people have noticed or just genuinely don’t care about. None of these things are bad or bother me if you haven’t noticed at all. Especially since I am so random with how I just do everything that it might be impossible to notice sometimes. Going to call that a feature and not a bug.

So what does this mean really? Just some things that I liked to focus on when I watch anime series and then discuss them on my blog. For instance, older mecha anime and/or older anime in general are just a given. I love watching older mecha shows even if the number of mecha shows I’ve watched have only filled out 1/4th of the total anime that I’ve watched according to my anilist profile. I’m not kidding. This goes along with watching newer seasonal stuff. Kind of obvious and that is going to happen.

What I mean by all of this are the specifics. What series will I just continue to watch by popular creators or popular series? What about older franchises and popular creators that I like which no one else will talk about? Those are the specifics that I am talking about here. Also digs into the main goals behind Mechanical Anime Reviews in the first place. The kicker is that I am doing this as much for myself as much as I am doing it for other people. Or possibly just myself and other people follow me. I don’t know why people do that, but it makes me happy tha tyou guys are.

So yeah, that’s the general focus of this post. Explaining what those current plots and explorations are. So let’s do that.


The Braves Franchise

This franchise is a super robot franchise from the early 90’s onward that started with being influenced by the transformers franchise and then became its own thing. I’ve only watched three of them at this point and I need to watch all of them at some point.

Lupin III

Starting off with something simple. I am still a newer Lupin fan even if I started when Part 4 came out. So I still have many years of watching part 2, part 3, and whatever specials come out. I still watch all the newer Lupin stuff that comes out and write about them. Lupin Zero’s episodes are coming out recently and can’t wait to write about it when its over.

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

Pretty much the same thing as Lupin except I’ve seen all the newer JoJo anime. By the time you’ve read this, I’ve finished Stone Ocean and I will be writing about it soon. If more JoJo appears, I will watch and anything write about those too.

Ghost in the Shell

This feels like a continuation of my Patlabor reviews, wich I watched everything Patlabor and have written about them to some detail. I watched and discussed the two Osshi films and the first season of Stand Alone Complex. Next year, I at least want to watch 2nd Gig and Solid State Society. Oh, I guess I should write about the second portion of SAC_2045 at some point. Just haven’t felt like it.


People are going to be upset I combined these together, but oh well. I plan on shutting down this plot line soon. There is only one mainline Macross title to watch and then I need to rewatch Zero and Macross II: Lovers Again then write about them on the Macross front. Robotech will be shut down in this coming Mecha March.


I recently opened this plot line with the Albegas post and I will be shutting it down to great detail on Mecha March. A very big open and shut case.


Gundam stuff continues to come out and I will continue to watch and write about gundam. It is one of my main reasons for existing in this world. No, I don’t care much about Cucuruz Island right now because it really doesn’t feel like it adds much to the gundam story at all.

Fate Franchise

Yeah, it’s continuing adventure with fate. This franchise is huge and I want to watch the Camalot films soon. There is so much Fate and I want to just explore it all.

Older Shonen Battle series

I really do just love older shonen battle series and/or revivals of older shonen battle series. There is something about older series compared to newer ones that just appeal to me more even if I am not sure what it is. One of my goals this year is watching more of it. I really want to finally get around to Fist of the North Star 2 and then see what else is there I an watch.

Famous Creators

Masaaki Yuasa

I just find his stuff so good. I haven’t watched everything he is involved with yet. Inu-Oh is on its way and I need to watch Ride Your Wave at some point. Still, this guy is such a wonderful creative genius with visual styles and story telling. Love him even when his stuff isn’t as good as it could be.

Yasuhiro Imagawa

The best super robot director of all time. I need to find more of what the worked on and just watch it because he is so creative with a visual style no one else can match. If you didn’t know it yet, he is the master min behind things like G Gundam and and Giant Robo: The Day The Earth Stood Still.

Osamu Dezaki

One legendary anime director that almost everyone references in their works these days. I continue to search or his stuff to watch and review on the site. I recently pre-ordered Aim for the Ace and there is is a special thing that I have planned for mecha march. I really want to just keep watching stuff from him. Maybe I need to do Space Cobra soon. 😀

Hideaki Anno

You guys know who this is right? The more I watch Anno’s work, the more I just love it and really enjoy this guy. Be prepared for a Shin Ultraman post in the future and eventually, a Gunbuster TV review when it appears from Discotek. Possibly more if I find more to watch and enjoy from this very interesting creator.

Hayao Miyazaki

Yeah, another person that you all should know if you are an anime fan. Ever since Discotek has been releasing older Miyazaki work from before Studio Ghibli was a thing, I’ve been buying them up and watching them. This makes me feel like a hipster, but I liked the stuff he created before he became famous more then when he created works with his Studio Ghibli.

Ryosuke Takakashi

One of the most underrated real robot master minds of all time. I want to dig more into his work then Votoms and Gasaraki on this site. That means continuing my watch of Layzner right now, rewatching Blue Gender, and I’ll see about Dougram because that’s a long one. Oh, Muteking was a Ryosuke Takahashi work too. Whatever it is, I nee to dip more into his work.

Goro Taniguchi

One of my favorite directors in general. Most people know him for Code Geass but he has worked on so many things that PEOPLE NEED TO WATCH. Code Geass is full of Goro Taniguch-isms that most people wouldn’t understand. Can’t wait to write about that soon and watching more Goro Taniguchi stuff. The guy is very busy and had another explosion recently with One Piece: Red.


So yeah, here is another glimpse into the behind the scenes of Mechanical Anime Reviews. Hope it was interesting. Just shows you more things to check out in the future at Mechanical Anime Reviews at random intervals.

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