More Blogging Reductions For Now

Yeah, that’s right. Going to blog a little less from now on too. Just to 3 posts a week though.

It was a lot easier blogging when I was still taking classes online because I was at home most of the time because I had a part time job. Lately, I’ve been working full time and have had some pretty busy night time events during the week and weekends. As a result, the amount of time that I have spent blogging recently has gone way too late into the night. So yeah, I need to pull back a little bit more for my own sake honestly. I can feel some sort of burnout happening to me from over blogging, so pulling back is the answer that I have. Especially since I like blogging a lot. It really is one of the most relaxing things that I do besides playing trumpet in different areas.

I honestly feel like I could comfortably post blogs three times a week. Possibly only two if the week is busy. This is something which wasn’t such a big deal for a lot of people from the responses from the last blog post that I’ve written about reducing the amount that I post. I don’t think that the weekly post where I write about the seasonal anime I watch is hard because I just write those paragraphs after I watch episodes and they don’t take too long. Then the anime review should be easy enough with the last one being my own thoughts. That sounds like a pretty nice and serviceable way to just have an easy blogging schedule.

This whole blogging schedule is a major deal for me. I seriously mean that. I like being tight and consistent with everything that I work on no matter what it is. That leads to me being very picky about how I am with everything that I do. It’s the problem of someone who is born and raised in a STEM house and then going for an education in one of those fields. You really learn to organize yourself by building a process in how you approach everything. How that works in a creative field is a bit ironic in itself, but that’s how I see everything.

So yeah, I will still be here and pretty present honestly even i its not as much. At some point, I will find some kind of balance to write more. I think I found a limit that will work for me. Otherwise, I am worried about burning out and putting too much effort and focus out there so I won’t just burn out from just existing. So thanks for sticking with me on this blogging journey and I wish to continue with all of you on this cool trail that we are on. Once again, thank you. 


  1. Oh no, did I let it slip that I played the french horn en Euphonium in school…

    3 posts a week sounds good! I hope it’s a good balance for you. That’s always a challenge but I bet you can do it!

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    1. You did let it slip in a number of places perhaps. Especially French Horn, I couldn’t imagine trying it because it is a difficult brass instrument to just play.

      Yeah, I am finding that I don’t have the energy that I used to have anymore and it sucks.


  2. Definitely sounds like you’re juggling a lot over there but you’ve got it under control which is great. Dialing it back is always good to avoid burn-out. I feel like doing that pre-emptively as opposed to waiting until you get burned out is absolutely ideal because then you really feel it.

    Your post did get me thinking though, maybe in a way you should try blogging without a schedule. I know you’re used to everything being organized and so this suggestion may just seem a bit crazy but perhaps that’s exactly what you need to freshen things up for you and avoid burn-out. Just blog when you feel like it. Like you still aim for 2-3 posts a week but whenever you feel like it instead of on a specific day.

    Sort of like a hobby where it’s just something you do to have a blast on a whim but this may have made more sense in my head. Either way will be ready here for your posts when they come!

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    1. I guess sporadic is ok as long as I hit the schedule button and people just don’t notice at all. I’ve mainly been having those times of “I should stop doing anything at this point of the day and go to bed” sorts of things which I need to adhere to more.

      I am definitely finding that the energy that I used to have in staying up late and getting involved with everything a lot has been starting to leave me.

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  3. Don’t feel pressured to post often if you don’t sense a need for it – go at your own pace, 2-3 is reasonable! I’ve been doing one post a week since I started myself and have been content with it, especially since juggling work, home life, and (pre-2019) school things. Plus that way you can space out better what you wanna discuss 🙂

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  4. Remember health first. Don’t be like me and burn yourself out (and I didn’t even use to post that regularly!). You’re creating lots of well-made stuff in rapid succession, so you’re doing good on that front.

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