Weakly Seasonal Watches: Winter 2023 Anime Season Week 1

Seasonal Watches

The season has just started and I want to wait until I have all my shows lined up before I start doing the graph that I made last season. But so far, I do like a lot of the shows that I’ve chosen in different levels.

Tsurune – The Linking ShotEpisode 1

It’s so nice to see these boys again after watching them win their competition last time. Such a long time since we’ve last seen them as well as it being nice to see Kyoto Animation just make something look really good again. The short bit of time with these guys at the school sports festival allows us to re get to know them through how they act in their sports day activities. Plus, its awesome to see Kyudo again and Masa-san. This is going to be such a fun watch and I hope we get to see such cool bits of tournament play again.

Tomo-Chan is a Girl Episode 1

This show was about as good as I thought it would be. As in above average and just a fun time. Tomo-chan and Jun having that bro sort of relationship while Tomo-chan is cool and just a fun martial artist that wants to be known as a girl despite all of that and finally tell her crush on him. So there is that playing of politics as Tomo is the coolest girl who can beat up any guy which means he can be terrifying, but Gundo playing the side role of missing with Jun and Tomo to hopefully get them together. Such awkwardness despite it all too. I look forward to what happens in the future regarding those elements.

Urusai Yatsura (2022) Episode 12

I’m so glad this show is back and in a much more fun form then what we left with. I mean, I thought that having To, Lum’s baby cousin, added into the mix would just be annoying but he somehow adds a bit more interesting chemistry to an already insane sort of group. Him just burning Ataru was just continuously funny and when they all met for the New Years stuff, him having a crush on Sakura and playing pranks made a lot of sense. Plus, Ataru trying to screw up the already doomed date between To and Sakura was very much in his style while Sakura was definitely the adult and saw through everything. So yeah, very enjoyable comeback for this new cour.

Trigun Stampede Episode 1

Trigun has been successfully been brought to 2023. I say that because this edition is so different from everything that we had before and its speed running a lot of the things a lot o the same things Trigun took episodes too, but it works in this faster and looser edition to Trigun. Especially since Vash is still his cartoony self and Meryl in this one is a newbie reporter who is working her way to the top and is just generally good. A good Meryl I didn’t expect to see. Yeah, I liked this one quite a bit and looking forward to how Trigun continues to be adapted.

NieR:Automata Ver1.1a Episode 1

This is a case where I probably should have played the video game in order to get what is going on a bit more, but I got a lot of action spectacle with hot androids fighting against machinery. I also got the general idea of what this series is about with these androids who aren’t supposed to express emotion actually do it in the midst of combat. The stoic 2B and the energetic and excited 9S who actually gets to talk to someone amidst action and destroying a robot apocalypse. I can dig that enough to try at least one more episode and see if it sticks with me more.

Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch From Mercury Episode 12 (Cour Finale)

Man, that was quite the episode. A lot of parental trauma jut made a lot worse then the show presented it all and then Nika’s little secret code she sent to save her people while being caught. Guel killing his dad accidentally was wild especially when the guy did show he loved Guel after all. Or how about Miorine’s dad being hit by rubble in his back and actually have a sincere moment for once.

Suletta being sent out to destroy people in a possible trance by her mother and/or actually showing that blood thirsty side we only have seen in little bits until now. The tomato metaphor through out the show has gone into full swing with it broken now. Lots to think about as Suletta needs to come to terms with her own mother pushing her life eventually. Especially since characters can’t go back to school and just say it never happened.

The fall out will be shown in April and I don’t think I will be prepared for it.


  1. Gundam Mercury has hit one of those points where you go “where can they possibly go from here?”

    Also, in Tsurune, it was nice to see the girls get at least *some* lines… even if it was just throwing (well deserved) shade on the boys.

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