Newer Anime I Enjoyed in 2022

Everyone ready for a long list of anime series that I enjoyed from 2022? Some people make top lists of anime and have to cut down their choices. I refuse to do that. There will be some kind of cut off on some level for this, like they have to be solids on this list. Goods can make it too if I feel like it. There is no ranking or trying to put things in order. Just really cool anime that I really liked from this past year and that’s all it needs to be. It’s been such a good year for anime once again. Just disappointed a bit by not having as much mecha in 2021.

So as usual, it’s list time! It’s going to be a long one.

Mob Psycho III

Not sure what else to say besides what I said in my Fall 2022 In Review Post. It was a great season of Mob Psycho 100 to end everything on. Visually, it was still fantastic and it finally took a lot of the lessons that Mob tried to impart on other people (which we see through Dimple’s arc in the first half of this season) and he learned to finally accept himself and the good will of people around him. It really is solid stuff.

Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch From Mercury (First Cour)

I’m kind of stunned by this cour of Gundam. I have some small grievances here and there, but they are all in all minor in terms of the story and what it represents. Its so great to see not a gundam series with a large female cast (because we’ve had this before), but one that is centered on female characters and is pretty good at what its doing and trying to say. For this first cour, this show is just very solid fun with lesbians getting closer to each other despite not knowing each other as much as they should yet. It’s Utena Gundam, what else is there to say?

Spriggan (2022)

A bit on older series that I never expected to watch and/or enjoy as much as I have, but this series was just a lot of fun. It was just a lot of Indie Jones sorts of adventures with a lot of anime, but that was everything I needed it to be in order for me to enjoy it. It was such a fun ride and a bit of a visual east too.

Raven of the Inner Palace

A bit of a continuous surprise from last season. Raven of the Inner Palace is a great shoujo sort of palace drama focused on the system of one of the female kings of a Chinese system being locked away without any friends and slowly discovering the system she is in and her building of friends from the people she helps. It is just really great.

Legend of the Galactic Heroes: Die Neue These – Intrigue

It’s more Legend of the Galactic Heroes from this new batch of story telling and ideas. A fantastic space opera that is very self reflective about what its doing and the messages its trying to say. This is the season where the show dropped and full on combat and invasion from the Empire into the Free Planets Alliance is going to happen. Plus, Yang is still the most relatable character in a sea of great and relatable characters.

Ya Boy Kongming

I watched this show out of the season it came out and it was so good. It feels like a strange premise of literal Zhuge Liang just appearing in future Japan and plotting Eiko’s raise in popularity in fulfilling her dreams of being a famous singer, but its so honest about it that I can’t help but love it. Especially since the strategies were good and the music was pretty great. Especially when the rap and singing were combined.

The Aquatope of White Sand

Yet another show that I watched out of season. Like way, way out of season that it was last year. But it was a great show. A show about dreams not working out and trying to find a new dream. Very notable for focusing on young women and other side characters who are pretty cool. Whether its older Aquariums or becoming an idol, sometimes ideas and dreams don’t work out so its time for something different. I learned a lot by watching this anime.

Love Live Superstar Season 2

It’s more Love Live Superstar but with more cast members now. Season 1 was pretty good and focused on five great cast members. This season was a bit heftier because the weight of last season and possibly making it to Love Live was felt on Leila. So much that Leila struggled to get get new members. Plus some drama here and there for all the cast. This season was pretty cool and it made sense to have a season 3.

Shadows House

I am not sure that I can really summerize my thoughts on this season in a short paragraph, so please read my post.


One really good soccer anime. It felt like it looked at the usual sort of energy behind it, but a more professional angle compared to a lot of sports anime I watched. (I haven’t watched every single sports anime, but I’ve read a lot of sports manga. That means more sort of additions to this story that other sports series kind of just hint about which is why I enjoyed it so much.

Made in Abyss: The Golden City of the Scorching Son

It’s more Made in abyss. I think this season is a lot gorier and traumatizing then the first and the movie. This season focusing on the building of a town of hollows in the sixth layer of the Abyss and its inevitable deconstruction from the curse of that world. In that respect, it was just incredible stuff. If you can get through some heavy stuff, possibly the heaviest in anime, then its worth it.

Spy X Family

It’s a good and wholesome series that explores family relations, mainly adopted ones, by hyperizing them a bit. What if a smart and self aware kid by making them a bit psychic. Or have the parents have some coolness to them by makign them either a spy or an assassin. It is a slice of life story with some action and spy stuff through into it and the adaptation really helps improve a lot o the material on it too.

Requiem of the Rose King

An anime based on Shakespeare’s Richard III with a lot more LGBT thoughts about identity in it. The second half of this show was merely good, but the second half is where everything hit and it was an incredible watch. I think this is something that a lot of older anime fans would love and newer ones who want to see some unique shoujo anime. If only the production values wer ea bit better, even if the aesthetic was really good.

Teasing Master Takagi-San Season 3

It’s more Takag-San. I’m not sure what else to say about it other then the characters got to confess their feelings in the end. It’s almost the same as the first two seasons, except Takagi and Nishikata actually are so much more self aware then they were before hand. It’s really cute and good. Ok, I said more then I intended.

Kotaro Lives Alone

This little, intimate story about a young kid moving to an apartment complex is really good. The cuts to this kid, Kotaro if you didn’t know, slowly gaining some sort of family with the members of the apartment complex he is around is really good if not a bit scary at times when you see so many of these adult moments better then he does and it makes you want to protect him more because he isn’t aware yet.

My Dress Up Darling

Yes, this horny show is here and I think this is the kind of horny that I like and/or don’t mind. When making cosplay and/or have characters wear cosplay about characters they are passionate about, there is going to be some horniness there and it works. Plus it has good characters exploring their passions which makes it all connect a lot better then one would expect. It’s a good show.

Sasaki and Miyano

I’ve only seen a little bit of BL and this one is really cute. It’s great to see these characters slowly discover their feeling towards each other by sharing their interests as well as start to understand their own identities a bit more to get used to the idea of two guys wanting to date each other. Yeah, I really dig this one quite a bit and loved reviewing with Irina.

Ranking of Kings

I watched this one out of season and it was a good thing that I did. This was a good twist on the fantasy genre. Focusing a plot on Bouji, a young boy who is seemingly week and can’t hear, but have him gain power in unconventional ways compared to every shonen and/or fantasy heroes. Plus the world and art was so interesting and a bit dark here and there at times. Still has so many good characters that I can’t help but enjoy my experience with it. Pure good and wholesomeness on top of some dark stuff.

Birdie Wing: A Golf Girl’s Story (Cour 1)

It’s utter insanity. These lesbian girls, connected through different backgrounds, want to play each other. Aoi is a girl that has lived at the top of the gold sphere for who knows how long meanwhile Eve lives at the bottom and has to play gold in mafia situations just to survive. So yeah, the story of Eve defeating golf mafia for her home and people then going to Japan and involve herself in girl’s gold with people who are as crazy as she is is incredible and silly stuff. Highly recommend. Can’t wait or cour 2 in the spring.


Once again, I have put too many shows on this list. But I liked all of them and its hard for me to choose. The only answer was to not choose even if that means a little more hard work. I think I would consider that completely worth it. Can’t wait to write another post like this next year. Sorry this come out late compared to everyone else’s post. I am a bit pedantic about the things that I watch sometimes and/or how much I write. Just need to make sure of everything is all.

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