Weekly Seasonal Watches: Winter 2023 Anime Season Week 13

Seasonal Watches

Aaaaah, the new season has started already with Hell’s Paradise right out of the gate. Plus, Heavenly Elusion is technically there…but it’s not on hulu yet and I AM NOT UPSET ABOUT IT AT ALL. Should be later this week though so I will keep checking. For now though, it’s been another long but good week. I honestly don’t have much complaints about it besides some nitpicks here and there. Also, Sakuracon and easter are at the end of this week too. It’s going to be fun!

Vinland Saga Season 2 Episode 12

Welp, the plot behind this season is relaly kicking into gear now and uh oh. Kanute’s scheme to acquire Kehil’s farm started with a group gaining up on Olmar after he was rejected from joining Kanute’s army after failing to cut a pig. So yeah, Olmar was able to kill a guy thanks to Thorkil’s help and then Thorkil murdered almost everyone sent after him before making an exit with Leif Erickson. It’s wild that it all just connected like that before Kanute makes his invasion of Kehil’s farm with a hundred or so men after 13. Yeah, it’s all coming apart in interesting ways.

High Card Episode 12 (Cour End)

Yeah, I’m done with this show know. This drama with Chris didn’t come out of nowhere technically, but it really ruined a lot of the drama in the show because none of the show has been explained after show turned to its second half. I just don’t care much anymore Chris and then the villains are involved for some reason and the didn’t amount to anything because they were shoved to the side. Same with Finn and Chris joining this organization after after leaving and conducting a lot of things against policy. There is no tension in this show, it only pretends to have any tension.

Tsurune – The Linking ShotEpisode 13 (Cour End)

Honestly, the perfect ending for this season and possibly the show it if wants to be. Especially since I don’t think competition is the main point of this show. Yes, it gets people together and gets our characters to work harder and struggle, but the show has always been about the characters for me. This festival episode allowed us to see how these characters have changed and matured since the episode episode of Tsurune. The festival episode ceremonial Kyoudou was also really cool and well detailed on every level including sound design. I was amazed. Excellent episode all around.

Tomo-Chan is a Girl Episode 13 (Cour End)

Finally, these two are together. Jun and Tomo going on a date was fantastic. Even with that drama of Jun not being able to go out with Tomo until he beat his dad and somehow with one strike and some urging by Akemi (his wife), Jun did it. He made Tomo’s dad at least grasp the floor at a single hit and that says so much honestly. Plus, these two dating and surprising each other is honestly the best idea too. Their relationship really hasn’t changed much besides some romantic tension and that’s all it needs to be honestly.

Bofuri Season 2 Episode 10

Man, I loved this episode so much. During this game, Maple Tree and friends basically worked together in smaller groups until they just joined with Maple Tree’s underground base and it was excellent all around there too. Plus, the comedy between people is just hilarious because it really is a sitcom with some video game stuff in motion there too. It’s kind of amazing that it can happen like there too. Not a visually stunning episode, but I am having so much fun seeing how three guilds can interact with each other.

Hell’s Paradise Episode 1 (Premiere)

Well, this definitely does provide some interesting energy and jokes through out. A man who says he wants to die and has gone through executions there with the narrator explaining and Gabimaru just not taking any of it. A man who says he is empty is proving that he isn’t because his wife that he actually does love. Great look at the connection between Gabimaru and his wife with him fighting to have a normal life by going to a horrible sort of island there too. Plus, Sagari herself is pretty great too. I’m curious for more of this honestly.

Soaring Sky! Precure Episode 9

Ah, my favorite episode so far. This show is full of kids pushing themselves pass their fears and I feel like this episode exemplified a lot of that. Not only was it Prism and Sky trying their best to get to the Kabaton spaceship up too high for them to reach but they try it anyway. Then Tsubasa gaining his way to becoming a precure and gaining some wings by helping Eelle who kept motivating him to go forward too. Cure Wing is so cool too and is a great extension of their Precure unit too. Yeah, I can keep going. Just my favorite episode so far honestly.

My Home Hero Episode 1(Premiere)

Well, this was a fascinating sort of premiere in a way that leaves me with a lot of questions like…is the mother sketchy or is this going to be good or just interesting enough to check out every sngle week? A simple set up that gets slightly more complicated over time as father sees that daughter is abused by girlfriend, he wants to know more about what is going on, and then after some humiliation murders the boyfriend that wants to kill her. Then the mother comes in and she is apparently fine with murder and covering up said murder? Plus, the “boyfriend” has family and is attached to a yakuza/crime organization? So like I said, it’s not good maybe but its pretty interesting.

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