#MechaMarch2023 Posts From Other People

Welcome to the Mecha March Recap week! Well, you can just look at all of my posts to see what I posted this month on this blog. For now, I want to share what other people have posted this month even if they aren’t Mecha March related. For all the people I follow and for all the time that I have available to read other people’s posts, this is the best that I can do. 

If you posted about mecha this month and I missed you please let me know. I will add here here. 


Gurren Lagann Post

This is a repost from when Irina posted about TTGL a while ago, but it’s worth reading it again anyway. It’s a wonderful show and Irina goes into a lot of little details here and there about why it connected with her. I’m not lying, go check it out. 



Considering that the Gridman Universe film came out in Japan last month, which is perfect, Raven seems to be celebrating it by writing about the Gridman series. Or it could be a coincidence which is fine too. Here is a short post telling the audience on why to check out this series. 


Following the first series, Raven quickly covers Dynazenon after it and yeah, they got a lot of the points about what makes Dynazenon so interesting. Is it a sequel? Yes but no. It also has such a different approach to everything on it too. Even if Raven didn’t like this series as much as Gridman. That’s ok. 

Retro Anime/Mecha Podcast


Lewis, Ian, and Craig from the Retro Anime and Retro Mecha podcast joined together to discuss X-Bomber. Really interesting to hear about two nostalgic experiences and one new one and all three of them being positive. This is a mecha puppet series from Go Nagai and friends. It sounds like a lot of fun and something that I should dive into. This podcast was such a fun listen. 

Hogan Reviews

Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch From Mercury – Season 1 Review

A great post from Hogan Reviews regarding the first cour of the latest gundam series. It is a good series from the episodes we got and it seemed they really did enjoy the whole experience quite a bit too. There really is a whole lot to dig into this month and it’s fantastic on all sorts of levels with such experiences for it too. Likes like there are more than a few of us ready for this new season appearing very soon. This weekend I think. 

Crow’s World of Anime

Planet With Episode 12 Review: That’s Hitting Below the Belt and a Matter of Perspective

Another set of reposts, but it’s always great to read about Planet With anyway. Crow has been reposting his episode reviews from when the show came out a while ago and it’s been a fun time looking into all of this and reading them after four years and some change. Especially when you see moments that you don’t remember as much as you used to. It might lead me to rewatch it soon. 

Lita Kino

Mecha March Where Things Are Simple

Forever involving herself in Mecha March in the coolest ways, here we have a cool podcast episode by Lita about Suisei no Gargantia. A very simple and underrated mecha series that came out almost a decade ago and it still looks amazing to this day too. As well as it telling a great story for it too. Exceptional all around there too. Great podcast other then Lita not knowing the difference between Star Wars and Star Trek apparently. Hmmmm.


Iron-Blooded Orphans: A Gundam Tragedy

SD Gundam Force: Gundam for the Kiddies!

What’s Wrong with Suletta Mercury

G Gundam: An Anime-ted Video Game

My Top Ten Hottest Gundam Girls

Gundam 00: Gundam’s Religious Text

My Five Favorite Gundams

The Operatic Saga of Gundam Seed

The Real-World Evolution of Gundam Technology

The 8th MS Team: Gundam’s Romeo and Juliet

While I was away and busy, a certain someone had an entire mecha march to themselves by writing about a lot of gundam shows and other topics associated with them. I’m utterly astounded by the fact that I completed missed it. A lot of great work is here talking about important things like hot gundam girls and favorite gundams while some look into the wider alternate universes in gundam series all around. Such a fun time all around honestly. Give all of it a look.


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