Weekly Seasonal Watches: Spring 2023 Anime Season Week 1

Seasonal Watches

This weekend has been too crazy honestly. Four day work week is nice until you can’t do anything the next day. I did push things a bit further by going to a convention at Sakura-Con 2023 on Saturday and then played trumpet for both services at church yesterday for Easter. But somehow I was able to watch all the seasonal anime stuff I intended too. Well, besides Blue Orchestra because that isn’t streaming anywhere yet. So it was a busy weekend, but a weekend will worth all of the busy, honestly. Tired but happy here :).

Vinland Saga Season 2 Episode 13

It’s so sad seeing calm and character moments slowly being boiled alive like a crab as everything falls apart. For instance, Thorfinn has grown to the point where he can hang around people normally and actually laugh. Then you have a really strong slave break away and kill his master (good) because he is fed up and now he is just going to cause problems now for a plantation that is going to have Canute invade it very soon (morally complex). Also, the old man Kehil is actually dying after spending so many years farming and fishing and his body is slowly failing which is so sad. So in this mist of Thorfinn finally finding himself and becomes friends with Einar more then ever, he really is being put to the test on how peaceful he can be. Great and sad episod.

Bofuri Season 2 Episode 11 – Delayed For a Couple Weeks


Heavenly Delusion Episode 1 (Premiere)

It’s finally here a few days late and it was pretty good. It’s very interestingly constructed in a world that was apparently completely decimated. The opening scene starts with kids in a modern classroom taking a test with tablets with a girl messaging a boy asking “do you want to go outside outside”. Then we have a duo that looks oddly like that duo wandering the waste lands trying to find something to eat and fighting off lame gangs with tricks and karate moments to them finding a barely running inn during the night. It’s interesting how the wild could be connected with the normal in this decimated world and that Tokyo exists. It’s fascinating stuff and I want more.

Episode 2

I’m interested to see where this show will go from here because it’s certainly moving or pushing around like it wants to say a lot. The inn that Kikuro and Masa stayed at was sucha horriying place and the owner thought that the monster would just keep her around because the horrifying monster was her son until it killed her. Then that moment showed some of Masa’s powers and the farm the two appeared at did give them some direction to go which was back to Tokyo. So it feel slike the show is going into loops but with purpose. I’m curious to see where this goes as well as how the school with the children being tested plays into all of this as wel.

Skip and Loafer Episode 1 (Premiere)

Oh this episode was so cute and fun. A very intelligent girl from the country moves to Tokyo to go to High school and then meets some friends along the way here too. There is so much cute hijinks at Mitsumi is completely overwhelmed by everything, but wants to try her best anyway. Her facial expressions are so good as Shima, a boy that continues to help her and perhaps likes her, finds some sort of attraction to her trying her best. A day that everything goes wrong for Mitsumi but has everything going right in different ways. Plus, the execution is really cute and just plain comfortable. I honestly can’t wait for more.

Tokyo Mew Mew New Season 2 Episode 1 (Season Premiere)

This comfy and fun show has returned and I honestly missed it more then I thought I would. This episode starts directly after a finale to where Ichigo and Aoyama are closer then before and more in love with each other. Plus, actually doing some couple things besides gazing and gushing at each other. My favorite moments where when Aoyama met Ichigo’s parents because that was so much fun. Same with Aoyama and Ichigo working together to help children through an Aqaurium.

Then the reminder of what the show was about comes in when Ichigo encounters Quiche again at the end along with Ichigo fighting with the other girls. It was actually pretty creative with actually good use of Quiche’s powers to do wild things when transforming animals then has ever been done before. Plus, I also liked when Blue Knight appeared at the end in such shocking ways. I mean, it has to be Aoyama right? At the moment though? I don’t care as much right now. Still liked the episode a lot though.

Hell’s Paradise Episode 2

It’s very interesting to see a show go in the opposite direction that you would expect it to go in terms of character development. Or one could say just the opposite of how most shows would move. This episode had all the prisoners lined up by the Shogun Tokugawa to be told about the specifics of their mission of Paradise island. As well as telling this cast they will have to lower the amount of prisoners going with Gabimaru showing how terrifying he is when he has to take lives as well as Sagiri pushing away from worries of killing people and just going along with it. Some interesting bits of deep cuts that which show how ruthless the show is. I like it though. It makes me curious. I just wish Hell’s Paradise did show off Sagiri’s body that much honestly.

Mashle: Magic and Muscles Episode 1 (Premiere)

I am up to date with the manga, so its so cool to visit the beginning of this series again in anime form. The opening episodes and arcs in general are hilarious. The comedic timing was actually pretty good without lingering too much on any sort of detail. Mashle himself had the perfect voice and he is stupid in a way that feels out of this world. So him being in a different world of people with scars when he has zero and no magic is simple and hilarious. Thus him being able to handle magical attacks sent at him with his muscles was pretty insane there too. Good premiere.

BIRDIE WING -Golf Girls’ Story- Season 2 Episode 1 (Season Premiere)

The gay golfing girls are back and I feel like this episode had a little too much going on in it. Not in a bad way, but because it was rushing through a lot of stuff. I do believe that this show has a plan and it showed up in material outside of Eve and Aoi beating two different golf teams. For instance, Coach Amuro played a heavy part in this episode and Aoi suffered from a headache through out the episode too. Especially with “The Zone” girl. The last shot with Eve firing an making a hole from a weird slot revealed something about her parents to her as well. So yeah, great episode here too. I want more and I’m glad that I am able to get more.

A Galaxy Next Door Episode 1 (Premiere)

This sow is definitely an interesting one. A very full and sentimental one with Ichiro trying to help his smaller siblings by working hard as a mangaka. Of course, there is an insane deadline he can’t complete without assistance. So enter this mysterious and attractive woman named Shiori who is possibly an alien with limit less endurance and talent. One incident leads to the two being engaged. This is definitely the mysterious girlfriend trope that so many anime series fall into, but I think the sentimental range is good enough for me to see where this goes. I’ll keep watching for now because I have a good feeling about it. Especially since this is about young adults.

Soaring Sky! Precure Episode 10

This show is also so simple with its ideas to the point that YakiTai from Skyland looks almost exactly like Taiyaki in Japanese culture. Why did we figure this out? The girls are throwing Tsubasa a welcome party and Mashiro ties her best to see how many combinations would fit what Tsubasa remembers. So yeah, this is the episode that Mashiro finds her value in the team being that her spirit and kindness is stronger they anyone else which makes her special. It is kind enough for the show to really show the value for each of these girls and our kind boy Tsubasa. I always can’t wait for more because this show is just so comfy and the best for what it is.

My Home Hero Episode 2

Yeah, this show still continues to be pretty dramatic forcefully and kind of unintentionally hilarious at the same time too. For instance, these two parents are still trying to dispose of the body of their daughter’s ex boyfriend. Meanwhile, the Yakuza is still observing them because they know something fishy is going on here. So seeing these two trying to hide their murder from their daughter while facing all of this is kind of interesting. Just like when the two got captured at the end of this episode. I’m wondering how this will resolved. Yeah, going to keep watching this junk food of a show here too.

Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch From Mercury Season 2 Episode 1 (Season Premiere)

Yeah, this season did what I thought it would. As in, showing how out of sorts and outdated the rules of Asticassia are now that the end of last season happened. The first part of this episode was Suletta going through a train of five duels that she just won so easily. Then there is the introduction of the two Earth witches Sophie and Norea. Two girls that want to eliminate Nika and just kill behind the scenes while Suletta challenges the two to a duel and that tension of whether duels should matter is in question here. Then there is Moirine suffering still from her dad’s injury, the Questa incident in question, and whatever is happening with Nika. It’s a lot going on and it’s all so creative and inventive on it too. Of course this show continues to be good.


  1. Yeah, there was certainly a lot of surprises this season. I didn’t expect Mashle to be very good, but it was pretty funny. The main character definitely gave me One Punch Man vibes!
    You’re right, the second episode of Hell’s Paradise really did turn in a direction I wasn’t expecting. I think my favorite part was when Sagiri finally fortified her will to execute people and live with the consequences, when she told her fellow executioner that had been seriously doubting her, that she would kill Gabimaru, and Gabimaru having such a shocked look on his face. Yeah, I don’t think the ninja guy wanted to hear that!
    Yeah, I think Skip and Loafer will be one of my favorite anime this season, it just so cute and cheerful! The first episode put a smile on my face.

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