Weekly Seasonal Watches: Spring 2023 Anime Season Week 2

Seasonal Watches

I know that its partially my fault, but my weekends need to stop being busy. Some of that comes from me saying yes to help my friends move out of their apartment and into their new house. The other portion is me somehow chilling out a bit more too but the larger events are a bit more tiring. Maybe that will happen next weekend and I can actually build a gunpla kit. Whose to say?

Vinland Saga Season 2 Episode 14

Man, the individual episodes focused on one singular just simply killer. You know, like the rest of them honestly. This episode focused on the affects of Garner, a slave who killed his master and is Arnheid’s wife. Thorfin takes a back seat and not for any bad reasons honestly. The drama of Arnheid being easily defeated by snake and then how Einar reacts to his defeat and possible death and capture is kind of wild. Then even the strong Arnheid who despite her tragic backstory with Garnet leaving her and her child and then going to heal her husband’s wounds. Such excellent human drama once again.

Bofuri Season 2 Episode 11

I’m so glad that this show came back again after a few weeks off. These goofy goobers are great honestly. Especially since they split into different groups and just conquered different bosses through out the competition on day 2. Now it is Day three and the mods are sending the most powerful and there is just a lot of good time work going on while the people left at base are just complete cowards. That whole thing was obvious, but hilarious. Yeah, it just continues to be a good time.

Heavenly Delusion Episode 3

Yeah, this episode was good but wild in the way hat I wanted it to be. Last week, I wanted to see what Tokyo was like after the end of the world and I got it. Especially the life of Kiruko when he was a young boy. There are some interesting bits of racing and broken down streets that could barely be called a city. A lot of the art work did a lot of carrying for these portions from this young boy who sees violence everyday and also wants to help defeat monsters.

One day it all goes wrong while he was eaten by a monster trying to save his sister during a race and then waking up as his sister to cause a lot of really confusing feelings in him. How will Tokyo change now and how will his (yeah, his even in a girl’s form) relationship change with Maru now? Something to see.

Skip and Loafer Episode 2

Ah, this show just continues to be a good time while carrying some bits of drama along with it in a natural way. For instance, this is the episode where Mitsumi gets more connected with other members of this cast. That means after Mitsumi gives her introduction speech and then gets put into one of the class leadership positions alongside Shima who the class sees has a connection together. So that leads to the girl behind Mitsumi inviting her to Karoake for the first time along with pushing some of Mitsumi’s buttons because she doesn’t know how to be social yet with this many people yet.

So it’s nice to see her get some help to become a cool individual who gets more friends despite her country upbringing keeping her a bit separate. You know, alongside trying to find something about herself too with a very natural sort of swing. Then Shima got a bit more introduced into the mix with the drama club kind of hinting to a past he doesn’t want to connect too. It makes since why Shima is getting attached to Mitsumi in some ways. She is the fresh start that he probably needs I think.

Tokyo Mew Mew New Season 2 Episode 2

Another really good episode. The beginning portion of this episode of Mint just forcing her way into Ichigo’s house and then just showing how much of a rich person she is by constantly saying “where is your actual house”. It show detached Mint is compared the rest of the world but it’s really funny. Same connection to Ichigo’s parents not seeing her grown up yet which is also something Mint is going through. That leads Mint to developing a wind propeller and break into her brother’s compnay which inevitably gets destroyed in the middle of a battle. So there was a sad moment of Mint letting go of the dream she just had to defeat the latest attack. Also, Blue Knight was there. Once again, a good episode.

Hell’s Paradise Episode 2

I feel like this was the episode that were waiting for before everything really brakes loose and the island just kills everyone. Though I feel like this show forces some characterization to happen from Sagiri to cause some conflict in the first place. For instance, I didn’t consider Sagiri the only real rules monger in this series by forcing Gabimaru’s hands to be tied (which doesn’t lower how murderizing he is) when he had to face down another, larger criminal that was clearly no match for him. Then Sagiri and Gabimaru somehow fight each other to reiterate that Gabimaru has feelings that he tries to hide. Then the island starts doing weird things. It’s very much check marks the episode and no really good reason or flow behind it all either.

Mashle: Magic and Muscles Episode 2

A very simple but fun episode this week. This time, Mashle goes through the examination phase for Easton Academy and has to compete against the leader of the exams. That’s about it Mashle just walks through the different challenges in front of him through his sense of muscles. He also just walks right through a maze after Lemon, a young girl meant to slow Mashle down, gets in the way. Plus, we see a lot of Mashle’s motivations for them on there too. Yeah, good times.

BIRDIE WING -Golf Girls’ Story- Season 2 Episode 2

Coach Amuro seems to know everything with the two kids he choose to compete for him. So yes, Eve and Aoi rest after Eve’s orange bullet. Also, Coach Amuro knows how to get Aoi’s gold to be a little bit deeper too. Of course, Amuro is sick and can’t handle doing three swings. Now Aoi is constantly getting headaches for some reason and Eve discovered her entire background just by doing a rainbow shot. Something which Coach Amuro knew she would do during this competition. Fun episode, but it did make the tournament a non issue. Possibly because it is. Regardless, this show continues to be silly here too.

A Galaxy Next Door Episode 2

Well, this episode helped flesh out a lot of the different sort of rules from princess Shiori is from while also just giving the characters a lot more personality. What a horrible sort of connection that Ichirou made with Shiori in which he can’t be apart from her for extended amounts of times before getting sick but also can’t touch her for too long either. After the script was done and Ichirou can possibly get another color page soon, he gets sick and its from being away from her. Then the two go shopping and having Shiori connect with the outside world but she doesn’t get a lot of the interstices at all like people trying to push on her. Still tame, but fun and reasonable stuff. Worth watching for the comfy times.

Soaring Sky! Precure Episode 11

Well, this episode had Ageha force her way into the Precure house and then take them into the mountains. Especially with how awkward it was with Ageha and Tsubasa because they are two exact opposites. Their side trip was funny, but full of a lot of misunderstandings that you would think the more grown up Ageha would notice. But ventually through connections and some advice from Mashiro and Sora, they connected even if it was during Kabaton’s antics once again. This show remains comfy and good without the stakes really jumping any higher. Maybe it will soon though giving how this episode ended. Curious.

My Home Hero Episode 3

Not much to say about this episode besides it slowly becoming more and more into the deep end into the entire show too. It is the mother and father captured and being questioned with the group trying to find some sort of way to escape their situations too. So there was a lot of mental strategy on both sides to reveal that sort of lack of unity from their captives allowing the two to escape as well. It was a very interesting chess match episode and I’m pretty curious to see where it goes too. Hmm. Maybe this show will turn my feelings around a bit too.

Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch From Mercury Season 2 Episode 2

Man, this episode was peak craziness in some of best ways possible. The girl with thighs in the dueling council who only sits down stood up and that is only the start of the craziness. The last jeturk is leading a multi part duel against Aerial and the Earth House. Then the Earth witches motivated by Shaddiq come in and ruin everything forever. Especially Aeriel against the other witch who wants to be Suletta’s sister. Then we have the reveal that the theory of Eri being in Aerial was correct all along too. So everything went wrong and weird and I love all of it.

Ranking of Kings: The Treasure Chest of Courage

This isn’t a sequel season, but side stories that happened during Ranking of Kings itself. I’m pretty alright with that honestly. The show itself is fantastic and has lots of great moments, but I always felt like it needed more. What kind of training did Bouji go get and other things. I’m also ok with just being fed more time with Despa, Kage, and Bojji and that’s what is happening here. Two short stories focused on this combination and its so fascinating to watch because it is some good stuff. Kage learning about greed and Bojji get more attached to society from a poor girl. Good stuff honestly.


  1. It would seem that I was sort of on the right track with my little theory about Suletta and her gundam Aerial, but the destination is far more horrific than I imagined. I mean, I noticed that putting Eri and the suit’s name, Lfrith, together would make for “Eri-L,” and thus Aerial, but all this time they made it seem like Suletta was Eri with a different name, like her mother used to have red hair but dyed in black or something like that. It would make sense if they went into hiding after the massacre in the prologue. Now to find that Suletta is Eri’s little sister, and that the “artificial intelligence” within Aerial isn’t so artificial after all, it’s all that’s left of a child’s mind… a child that took delight in blowing up mobile suits in battle, because she didn’t know any better, and she’s the one handling what would otherwise harm a gundam pilot… and there are a lot of moving parts to this suddenly-changed equation that all comes out to, “OMG.”

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    1. Yeah, it is really kind of crazy what this show can do. The main thing that set me and a few people I know off on the Eri inside the Aerial theory comes from the fact that there was a time gap and there was something funky going on regarding all of that. Like, there was five years or so left in mystery on what was going on between what happened in the prologue and Suletta’s age.

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      1. I wasn’t sure how the timeline lined up, but it did feel like more time should have passed than it seemed, if Suletta were Eri. Now knowing that she’s not, it falls into place.

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  2. Yeah, I’m pretty surprised about Mashle. I really thought it would be a seasonal series that I would drop after a couple episodes, but I’m actually liking it quite a bit. It’s funny in a completely over the top way.

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    1. Yeah, Mashle’s humor is really goofy in such a weird, of the wall sort of way. I’m always surprised how it can turn things in the way it does to make it so funny in a simple story like this.

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