Weekly Seasonal Watches: Spring 2023 Anime Season Week 3

Seasonal Watches

Aaaaa. That’s how I am feeling honestly. This last week has been a lot and I am glad that I had a bit of a weekend to at least recover a little bit. But there is still plenty of good anime to enjoy out there too. It is what keeps me sane sometimes honestly.

Vinland Saga Season 2 Episode 15

This episode is once again another good one, but for me is it mostly coming from the relationship between Airden and Garder in this episode. I do like Thorfinn working through his grief about not killing anymore and how he might turn over that leaf by heading for Vinland with as many people as he can to escape the war. I’m glad he is, but the stuff with Arnheid carrying Ketil’s baby but helping her capture mess of a husband escape and then leaving with him. There is a lot of complications through out and I am scared about what will happen now that everything really is falling apart. So not the best episode so far, but still another really good one.

Bofuri Season 2 Episode 12 (Cour Finale)

A great and comfy finale in the only way I could see this show doing it. The mobs that appeared last time? Defeated quite easily. The final boss for the event itself? Impossibly hard to beat. Maple Tree went up against it and it wasn’t enough. The other remaining parties showed up to go for a final gambit considering how tough this boss was and somehow, they all won. Great showing of unity for all. The ending of it with characters saying they could challenge Maple was kind of stunning too. Great ending for all of it and a great open door for another season if it happens.

Heavenly Delusion Episode 4

I finally feel like I know which direction this show is going…maybe. There is no definitive feelings towards that statement, but I can imagine one in my mind. Kiruko and Maru are on a boat being attacked by a gigantic fish inhuman. Then Kiruko’s plan leads the fish to dehydrating itself leading to an easy defeat. The banter between the two is genuinely a lot of fun. Especially with Kiruko’s bad naming. Then we see a bit more proof theories of this world from Tokio and Kuku (who is a ninja) at their facility where we might be seeing in-human babies formed? Plus, everyone is becoming horny there? It is fascinating but also a lot to take in as well. Still really enjoy this.

Skip and Loafer Episode 3

I am really liking this show. Not just for the simple, clean, and great art and animation. The writing is really good because there is such a softness to the whole experience. I could easily say this episode was about Mitsumi and her growing group of friends hanging out right? Except its doing more things. Yes, Mitsumi is probably going to be apart of the student council helpers, but she met a girl named Kurame who was scared of her at first, like everyone seems to be, and then the opening up happens. Then Kurame slowly makes it into her small group of friends to where Kurame make friends with the hot girl of the group, Yuzu. Shim and Mitsumi helped too. It’s really good stuff.

Tokyo Mew Mew New Season 2 Episode 3

I really am liking this season a bit more then I expected. The focus on different characters and the more outrageous plots by the aliens are really selling those things for me. This episode was Purrin’s/Pudding’s episode. So we see a bit more of her through her circus performer parents life and her goals while also celebrating with her kid siblings with a visit to the circus their parents met at before working over seas. Plus, the entire plot of drilling underneath the Tokyo dome to spread lava through out the city and Purrin’s interactions with the alien boy were just pure fun. Especially since Purrin was the one who got the Mew Aqua to save the day this time. Two thumbs up.

Hell’s Paradise Episode 3

This show continues to be a lot of things happening without much connection tissue at all. There is some natural flow about Gabimaru and Sagiri with whoever they meet up with because there is some natural flow from them being the main characters. They fight monsters and the very sexy and seductive Yuzuriha with two executioners shows up and there is some exposition.

Especially regarding what are the real threats are (bugs) and how there some Buddhist and Taoist religious mixtures. Then the switch over to other parties happened and it was…sure. I’m not as excited as I used to be when first watching this show and even then, I was above middling on it. It’s too straight forward of an adaption. It’s a different medium, be experimental please.

Mashle: Magic and Muscles Episode 3

Yeah, I can’t help but get a really positive feeling from this show because it was a lot of fun. Episode 3 was Mashle’s take on so many Harry Potter scenes. What if this scene had a much straight forward and buff protagonist that didn’t know what anything meant? One of those was the broom stick scene and Mashle is completely insane because he picked up the broom, threw it, and then rode on it. Then Mashle just beat up this series’ Drago Malfoy and was burying his father? It’s hilarious stuff you just wouldn’t expect anyone to do. Such a fun episode.

BIRDIE WING -Golf Girls’ Story- Season 2 Episode 3

Finally, an episode that was just Eve and Aoi competing against opponents that didn’t even up mattering and with the same formula while also having some real character drama. Mainly about Eve and Aoi’s origins from the point of view of the adults first and them later. The argument over Aoi’s and Eve’s fathers, the tension of who Aoi’s mother truly loves, a massive encounter between Eve and Aoi who discuss the realities behind both of their origins on top of everything. There is a generational gap with some exploration over what matters and how much Aoi’s mother is going to shaft Eve as much as possible to protect Aoi from a European mob. It’s some really good, powerful stuff.

A Galaxy Next Door Episode 3

The episode itself was kind of cute with an introduction of Ichiro and Gashiki kind of sort of flirting through the limitations of how they can be physically close or too far through manga moves. It is also a bit of disjointed and all over the place episode with the editor calling and telling Ichiro how he could improve his current draft, the focus on other housemates that we haven’t seen, and then the appearance of Ichiro’s friend and manga sensei Momoka that made Gashiki a bit jealous a bit. There is no good transition between each despite the general calmness and cuteness of it all. Maybe there will be a better focus next episode or something.

Soaring Sky! Precure Episode 12

This episode was the real finale for this cour until we get into some heavier stuff. The actual last confrontation between Sora and Kabaton. This is a show for kids and you can tell by how Sora worked hard with her friends during a camping trip to get stronger before the battle while Kabaton gathered his energy to get stronger by himself. That led to how the fight turned out where Sora’s support by her friends allowed her to win in the end. Now, Kabaton is out of the picture of going after Ellie-chan and more longer forces are going to appear now for our precures to face. A massive sort of uh oh there now too. Fantastic episode all around.

My Home Hero Episode 4

Yeah, the drama of all of this just keeps moving at hyper speed and I am still finding all of this entertaining in its own way. Like, I am amazed by how heavy this show into its drama can get in such a fascinating way. This episode, our main boy Tetsuo works with the thug he just made a deal with last episode. That means going to a bar that has the guy he killed’s girlfriend right there in which he does slowly work people over to create a possible scenario. Then the mob actually breaks in and the two are placed in a car where they could be placed into a blender with guns. The ending is a ridiculous cliff hanger where we don’t know who is alive. Just keep going please.

Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch From Mercury Season 2 Episode 3

If this season’s take on a cool down episode is a very well done, but standard Gundam sort of episode about the horrors of war, then yeah…we are in for a lot of pain. Especially since we didn’t see Suletta at all in this episode. It’s mainly been Norea beating up Nika up in Asticassia Academy about the many lives Nika’s actions will take against the Dawn of Hold reistance group. Then a short bit from Shaddiq who is taking over everything from his father to move around assets to help Earth live a bit longer while also possibly causing another war when the two are equal sides.

Then we move over to Earth where we see the people that Norea mentioned were about to die…well…being attacked and slowly wiped out by Spacian Forces. All of this from the point of view of Guel Jeturk or, as he was called or a second, Bob. He is a prisoner of this group about to be attacked and for a quick point of view of these characters, you can really feel for all of them especially Guel as he faces even more loss once again. All well animated showing the differences between Earth and Spacians technology wise in combat. Just excellent with good drama all around.

Ranking of Kings: The Treasure Chest of Courage Episode 2

I’m wondering where all of these side stories will go because we are approaching where Bojji and Kage are moving back to their kingdom with the captain of the underworld and his guard. Two smart parts again in such good times. Bojji stopping some bandits from killing a family after waking up from seeing a shadow monster (which had a very fun reveal). Then a fever dream of Bojji and friends with jiggly creatures in the mountain was really cute. Just good side stories.


  1. Yes, Mashle has been surprisingly fun to watch! The flying broom scene was super funny. And I can definitely tell that someone on the writing team was a big Harry Potter fan. I loved the added detail of the way too enthusiastic Quidditch team captain.
    Skip and Loafer has also been really good so far. I love how so many misunderstandings and hurt feelings are avoided by the characters just talking out their differences. More shojo anime/manga should try this! It’s so refreshing!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. It’s so weird, in Heavenly Delusion. Do I just not mind, or should I really think about how the heck Kiku climbs those walls and knows all about the weird stuff happening in “paradise?” Great show, great show.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Mashle: FUN!

    Heavenly Delusion: intriguing. It’s becoming more clear that the kids in that facility, wherever or whatever it is, are not normal humans with normal abilities. The facility seems to be creating those man-eater monsters, so what if the kids are those monsters prior to some sort of transformation? What if the man-eaters wandering the world are rejects or mutations that escaped and survived? Interesting how the AI responsible for security is actively aiding the kids as they investigate. They’re probably also behind the message about going outside the outside, as well as deleting (and maybe sending, in the first place) that picture of the girl in the shower. The adults are monitoring the kids and wondering why they’re engaging in amorous behaviors when they haven’t been taught or shown that by any of the adults, but, really, what else are they expecting when the kids have nothing to do but study, play, and watch their friends die, all while experiencing hormones?

    Hell’s Paradise: yeah, there’s a few hiccups in the telling of the story, but it still has be curious. And yay, Yuzuriha is alive! …how, I have no idea, considering she genuinely had a sword in her chest, but, yay! She’s so cheeky, conjuring up a sob story that was full of holes and other tells that she was lying, just to make the point that one does not need a sob story in order to want to stay alive. I mean… DUH!

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    1. On Heavenly Delusion, I feel like that is where my thoughts are going too. Whether they are actual human beings or are placed in a very specific direction for them too. It has me much more curious about it.

      Liked by 2 people

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