Weekly Seasonal Watches: Spring 2023 Anime Season Week 4

I’m finally trying something different this week. Let me know if the table of contents below doesn’t just send you to each heading to read the show you want to check out. If it doesn’t work, then I will have to figure out how it actually works. Thank you.

  1. Vinland Saga Season 2 Episode 16
  2. Heavenly Delusion Episode 5
  3. Skip and Loafer Episode 4
  4. Tokyo Mew Mew New Season 2 Episode 4
  5. Hell’s Paradise Episode 5
  6. Mashle: Magic and Muscles Episode 4
  7. BIRDIE WING -Golf Girls’ Story- Season 2 Episode 4
  8. A Galaxy Next Door Episode 4
  9. Soaring Sky! Precure Episode 13
  10. My Home Hero Episode 5
  11. Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch From Mercury Season 2 Episode 4
  12. Ranking of Kings: The Treasure Chest of Courage Episode 3

Vinland Saga Season 2 Episode 16

I really like where everything in this episode because its challenging Thorfinn once again. Snake is on high alert after Garder is nowhere to be seen as far as he knows. There is a slight bit of slave rebellion as Einer and Thorfinn come up with a plan to get Garder and Arnhied to escape. A scheme that separated the entire guards but Thorfin and Snake ended up starting to brawl after Einer ran away dressed as Garder. It’s going to be interesting to see Thorfinn’s philosophy of no longer killing goes into affect against someone strong like Snake. It feels like its going to be great.

Heavenly Delusion Episode 5

This show man, how does it just do what it does so naturally? It doesn’t feel like so many shows could do something like this. Maru and Kiruko are in Tokyo now and Maru causes a lot of discourse from people picking a fight against him while he was trying to game in an arcade and he just beats the crap out of people without thinking. The combination of Maru not knowing anything about the world and Kiruko being savvy about dealing with people, particularly Tokyo here, while searching for information about the next step was pretty cool.

Then the switch to the mystery about Tokyo and where Kiruko and Maru might be going to discover heaven next possibly connected with Maru’s story if heaven that appeared came from his orphanage in the Northern pat of Japan. The self discovery of Kiruko discovering they have feelings they don’t understand by being forced into a female body was something worthy of note too. Kiruko doesn’t know who they are and still struggling with self identity.

With all that in mind, everything with Maru does connect to what we see in the second part where apparently some of the kids have crazy strong physical gifts or things that make them special. Even Tarou, who dies from a disease in this episode, could lift boulders before something from his body being taken care of. It’s a whole mess of stressful ideas at once. All really fascinating and stressful things at once. I’m glad that this sci fi anime is here because I think its my favorite show airing this season.

Skip and Loafer Episode 4

Man, this show’s emotional intelligence is fantastic and it really is separating itself from so many shows that would have something like this premise. For instance, our drama club leader does manipulate Mitsumi to get Shima, after showing a clip when Shima was on a tv show as a child actor. So first Mitsumi wants to possibly to get him to do it, but then she thinks about Shima and just talks to him about it and then they talk about dreams. It’s so believable because Mitsumi is still a kid from the country as an outsider, but she at least knows how to talk to people and connect with them.

The second half of this episode wasn’t as strong, but it was still comfy and good. I like the idea of Mitsumi of getting advice on how to quantify her time better by the student council president. Then it slowly turns into our president learning to enjoy her life just by being next to Mitsumi who takes in everything around her. I loved the vision of our president seeing Mitsumi as a kid from her dreams after they met the next day like with the stray cat they met the previous day too. So good stuff all around honestly.

Tokyo Mew Mew New Season 2 Episode 4

I think this is my favorite episode of Tokyo Mew Mew New so far. Especially since this show has slowed down a bit and allowed its characters to come to life more. This is Lettuce’s episode and it starts out as something that would be normal like Lettuce being able find Aqua Mew at the marina and she fights Quiche. That fight ended quickly and instead we get Lettuce in a fairy tale between two eleven lovers forever ago who are about to be separated and she becomes the mermaid to connect the two. Then Lettuce gets the confidence to confess to Shirogane and he gently turns her down. Man, her crying while Zakuro held her at the end was so good. Fantastic episode.

Hell’s Paradise Episode 5

In terms of ideas and where this episode transitions from Gabimaru and Sagiri to two idiots trying to escape from the island but failing, it was a lot more cohesive. I wish this episode wasn’t mostly about Genji continually looking down at Sagiri for being a woman and not following the usual womanly roles of this society at all while he is following this prisoner who is a hot attractive woman that lies and seduces people. Don’t you think that there is a double standard there just because Sagiri comes from a more noble background?

It was sweet to see Gabimaru affirming Sagiri’s choice to be herself in her own ways though because its clear that the show itself doesn’t agree with Genji’s horrible point of view at all. Otherwise, he probably wouldn’t have died out of being stubborn. This episode was also about this general look at women being who they want to be because the idiot samurai’s prisoner he follows is an attractive woman that does care about being proper. She was naked right in front of this pure hearted guy after all. Good episode, but it dwells too much on ideas that the show doesn’t agree with and pushing Sagiri around too much.

Mashle: Magic and Muscles Episode 4

Just more casual fun here once again. For instance, the episode itself began with an arc making fun of Quidditch. Mashle just flying up into the air by kicking really hard and then scoring points through ridiculous ways was hilarious. Then there was Mashle being challenged by Lance, a person with two scars who isn’t that different from Mashle at all honestly. So it was definitely a fun and heart warming sort of episode with a lot of good visual flair in animation. A full of emotions that this show can just do.

BIRDIE WING -Golf Girls’ Story- Season 2 Episode 4

Man, this show just continues pulling off the most ridiculous things and just doesn’t even pay attention to those things at all. Eve is once again thrown back to Nafrece because she has been deported. Now, she meets up with Vipere who is much cuter then before and also meets her grandfather who is not only apart of a golf organization but naturally has a mafia. So Eve will find her ways into being a pro through her own means while Aoi is takign the course prescribed by her mother. It’s a lot of fun and ridiculous things that I just love. Birdie Wing is just like this.

A Galaxy Next Door Episode 4

Ah, such a cute episode. Possibly the cutest episode of this series so far and I can’t help but love all of those things too. Especially since these are adults that mostly act like adults when trying to understand and talking to each other. This episode was mostly focused on Goshiki and Ichiro hanging with Machi and Fumio and creating new fortune cards with Ichiro supporting Machi in very self aware and positive ways for her future. It also showed Goshiki and Ichiro working on manga or wanting to have more work on manga, which are real adult problems and talking about Goshiki’s confession and Ichiro wanting to take their relationship slow by going out first. So yeah, the show finally went where I wanted it do and its really good because of that.

Soaring Sky! Precure Episode 13

This was technically the cool off episode, but it was the major sad episode because the portal is ready. Tsubasa and Sora can take Ellee home and while Mashiro can help fight the Undergu empire threat by use of the portal, she still goes to school in Japan right? Plus, Elle has started to walk. So this was an episode of Mashiro and Sora saying goodbye to each other through the help of a grandma who is struggling to give her grand daughter her first shoes. The two help her and help each other at the same time and its so cute honestly. Something will probably happen in Skyland to make Mashiro stay for a little bit, but it is a sad goodbye still.

My Home Hero Episode 5

The drama cycle behind everything happening in this show is crazy because there is so many layers to this father, Tetsuo, will do to just keep his family or himself going that he just keeps digging himself deeper into all of this stuff. His partnership with his previous guest ended already and now he has to frame a person possibly being a live through filming some scenes, the wife is involved with that filming situation, and Tetsuo also just met the father of the person he killed and is framing for his son to be alive there. It’s so crazy that its some deep sort of crap he would never lose or go.

Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch From Mercury Season 2 Episode 4

Welcome to the episode of where Prospera’s scheme mostly gets revealed and gets called out. I say this because we will never really know how many cards she is still holding onto her. Miorine and Suletta meet once again after the Spacians are trying to kick the Earth House out and there is more then an awkwardness there. It really is a case where Moirine sees how brainwashed by Prospera Suletta is and then that encounter between Prospera and Moirine after that encounter. Prospera also caught Miorine to her schemes and she has to go for the president of the Benerrit Group against Shaddiq and that truth is strange for everyone.

So its fascinating to see how far Prospera will go for revenge beyond stuffing her first daughter into a mobile suit and push everyone around as that chess master. A chess master among chess masters fighting for control on some level of the Earth sphere. We have seen two bad presidential roles that will destroy that sphere whether from the inside or through what they think is good for everyone and will push the current war into a different and higher level stage. Is Guel coming in an answer to all of the conflict happening or is he coming in from the side of the Dawn of Fold? It really feels like that world is doomed and this is just peak television right now.

Ranking of Kings: The Treasure Chest of Courage Episode 3

I’m glad that we are seeing different focus characters in this show so we can see other characters we love so much. I say this not because I don’t like Bojji, I do and he’s great, but I want to know more about Hilling and other cast members there too. Hilling is so good and her concern for her kids is so powerful even if she did pull off some concerning fast fowarding antics to get home faster, but she is just so good still. Also, there is a small flashback of Daida (before Marinjo) and Bojji being the best siblings possible. It’s honestly too sweet for even sugar. Good stuff.


  1. Mashle was such a good episode! I just know that Lance and Mash are going to become good friends in the future. Skip and Loafer was another good one. I really do love the communication between the characters. Hell’s Paradise episodes was good story building. I thought the part with the blond samurai and the young prisoner was really interesting. It makes me wonder how the prisoner/samurai group managed to get onto the island if the island is surrounded with monsters. Was it just luck that they found a safe route? Did the Shogun already know a safe route and only shared it with a limited few?

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  2. Heavenly Delusion dropped a few tidbits here and there. They referred to a ministry of something (I forget what), which I have a hunch may be connected to the facility and the disappearances and such. Also, though the children within the facility are obviously artificial in some way, the adults there seem to have some genuine feeling for them, though it’s possible that might not be the same sort of feeling as it first seems. Most intriguing, though, was how the staff reacted to that… *thing* …which was uncovered when they burned the child’s remains, and is probably intimately connected to his death. They have no idea what it is, and it disturbs them, which tells me that there is something else going on, something we haven’t seen yet. The rest of the children are now at risk of something which the adults do not know what it is. So who is behind all of this?

    In Hell’s Paradise, I could be wrong, but I *think* Genji was trying to protect Sagiri, and was arguing with what ideas he had on hand to work with, the notions that he knew and understood. He had a certain point, one must admit, that skill with a sword is not the same as skill on a battlefield, especially one as chaotic as the island. When he drew his sword and struck at Sagiri, but stopped, I also thought this was his way of testing her resolve or something like that. I rather expected him to acknowledge her, but then the giant creature got the drop on him from behind. As for the two who tried to escape, they found out some essential information, namely that there is a final hurdle awaiting whoever survives the island, one that requires them to work together in order to have any chance at leaving. (how the heck did Gabimaru’s leader get something like this elixir?!)

    As for Witch from Mercury… wow. Prospera has Suletta wrapped around her little finger, is manipulating Miorine into becoming one of the most powerful people in the solar system, is aiming for absolute vengeance against those who destroyed her family, is trying to free Eri from her confinement in Aerial (which she may have put her into as a way to save her life), and who knows what else! She is terrifying.

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    1. Heavenly Delusion: I agree with all of that honestly. I’m curious to know what that weird thing was.

      Hell’s Paradise: I doubt it honestly. Genji feels like someone who is too stuck in his ways.

      Witch from Mercury: I honestly don’t think Prospera had any particularly positive reasons to put Eri in the Gundam honestly. Remains to be seen perhaps.

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      1. Perhaps Genji could be “stuck in his ways” as a warrior who sees it as his duty to protect a woman, the daughter of his superior officer? 😉


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