Weekly Seasonal Watches: Spring 2023 Anime Season Week 5


Table of Contents (It actually works now, click to see my thoughts on different episode that aired in the past week.)

Vinland Saga
Heavenly Delusion
Skip and Loafer
Tokyo Mew Mew New Season 2
Hell’s Paradise
Birdie Wing
A Galaxy Next Door
Soaring Sky! Precure
My Home Hero
Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch From Mercury
Ranking of Kings: The Treasure Chest of Courage

Vinland Saga Season 2 Episode 17

Thorfinn’s journey really continues as he fights for what he coniders right on a more defensive and stance without any intention of killing. It was a good fight, but Snake is just stronger and he does end up mortally wounding Thorfinn’s object of protection Gardar. The poor Gardar is able to just incompacitate Snake just long enough for him and Arnheid to have their little moment and Gardar to reflect on his sad life until he inevitably dies by doing to a different plain of existence. Damn, these episodes just keep hitting just as hard as the last one.

Heavenly Delusion Episode 6

This episode was yet another wild one. It’s all about investigating that “100% pure water” and major reveal of that trap that it is. Not only is a young girl named Totori in on the trap by having the victims leave items in her hotel rooms after a fee, but the trap leads Maru and Kiruko to a subway that is closed off, has victims in it, and a wild bear that just murders people. Which makes sense right? Kiruko and Maru are very equipped to deal with people and Man-Eaters, but wild animals are something different.

That scene with Maru using his “Fatal Dive” to try and end the poor bear’s life was funny and so was just these two trying to deal with the bear after the fact. Or that whole encounter with a very sexually active Totori after the fact in the hotel room which somehow Maru could explain despite his despair. It really does show a lot of this show’s sympathy for humans and a lot of moral ambiguity in this series about people trying to find a way to live in that desperate time period even if I am not sure about how Totori is living her life but I don’t live in a post apocalyptic society.

With all of that said, the one scene which drives me nuts in this episode is Tokio in the hospital bed after going in for a check up. The dream sequence with the alien asking what she is good at and then the whole skin thing was off the wall and wild. I’m still trying to put together what that is supposed to mean other then Tokio not having any particular talents like the rest of the kids in that orphanage….is she supposed to have one? Oh, the doctor also is in on Tokio being in the secret lab possibly. I don’t think this is the best episode of this show, but I did enjoy it quite a bit for its character beats and intrigue.

Skip and Loafer Episode 5

This show just gets me every time because it is so good. With the sports day put into focus, our focus character is Mika. Especially since she is the one chosen by Mitsumi as a volleyball teacher. This isn’t a duo that is compatible with each other at first until the two actually hang around with each other and both see each other’s strengths. Especially with how picky, hard working, and matter of fact Mika is which is Mitsumi would improve her volleyball skills before sports day arrives. Plus, Mika actually noticed that Mitsumi might have something Shima is looking before in a friend and possibly more then that. I know I am missing a lot, but it’s a good episode.

Tokyo Mew Mew New Season 2 Episode 5

Getting to the point where I wish the aliens wouldn’t attack every episode because the story with the girls is so good. Especially since this is Zakuro’s episode and its time for her to make a new music video with her friends. It’s a great episode because the perfect Zakuro loosened up around her friends while by herself, she would just be cool, bad ass, and just not personable enough to show a new side of herself. Quiche attacks in the middle of the episode, but that’s a foot note honestly. He still sucks and can’t win against Blue Knight.

Hell’s Paradise Episode 6

Fine, I will take back some of the things I said about Denji even if it took Genji dying in order to finally understand who Sagiri is as a person. I’m also glad that Sagiri wasn’t shafted for another episode and she was able to fight alongside Gabimaru as equals against a gigantic man that is impossible to hurt. Also, a big fan of this episode not feeling awkwardly cut together too with some great fight choreography. I want all episodes to be like this in the future.

Mashle: Magic and Muscles Episode 5

This episode was a real sort of work of art perhaps. I love seeing Lance, Finn, and Mashle in a kitchen together for a potion assignment. The simple joke of Lance helping Finn cook a potion in a normal way from quieting a Mandagora to creating a potion in general and then you have Mashle just doing whatever the hell he is doing and its all wrong. So one again its simple but good comedy as all Mashle can make is cream puffs.

Then we finally entered some sort of story arc as we are introduced to the three different schools defeating and taking the crystals from spider demons in the woods. That sounds crazy itself, because nothing else kind of makes sense because why would you put kids you barely trained in the woods to defeat those monsters. Then of course a random villain makes an appearance as well as a guy (dot) deciding he is a protagonist when he isn’t. That means some of those stakes matter. Should be interesting.

BIRDIE WING -Golf Girls’ Story- Season 2 Episode 5

How is this show real? I think about it all the time and it just existing feels like some fabric o the universe breaking and I will let it because its just so good. So yeah, Ichina left her safe school in Japan just to be Eve’s Caddy and suddenly she is thrown into this strange world of mafia gold that she doesn’t understand. All so Eve has to do is win this game of golf and Eve will get her wish to attempt to take the European golf tour with a lot of help from Ichina. I love the idea of this America underground golfer using cheap tricks and somehow these two high school girls seeing it. Just a wealth of good jokes all around here too. Just pure quality. If only golf was real.

A Galaxy Next Door Episode 5

This show is too pure for this world honestly. This is the adult like that a lot of people expect from two adults who haven’t dated anyone before. Goskiki and Ichirou have a small date at the zoo with Machi and Fumio to pet hamsters and see all the other animals. It is a very cute scene with Machi susing out how the two are acting almost instantly too. I’m glad that kids are shown in that realistic way of actually knowing what is going on. Plus, there is that hand holding scene was pretty cute too along with the two wonder why the other likes them. It’s a bit too much in that pure route but that’s ok. It’s just a cute show in a lot of ways with believable enough characters.

Soaring Sky! Precure Episode 14

After a cour of the show taking place on Earth, we are in the Kingdom of Skyland again. Ellee is safe and walking in front of her parents and its so cute. Same with Sora meeting her hero inspiration Shalala once again and I was worried that she was a jerk. Tsubasa gets to be Ellee’s baby sister and Sora joins the Azure Knights where the first hint of resistance gets at Sora in the form of Beriberie. By the end of the episode we have the three precures defeat the latest Undergu empire monster, Mashiro is going to go home by herself, but Sora does make up with Beriberie. Good episode all around honestly.

My Home Hero Episode 6

I don’t know this show keeps doing it. How does a show jump from actual drama with our protagonist Tetsuo’s plan with a fake video clip and social media move completely failing to convince the yakuza unit holding him and Kyouichi at literal gunpoint. Some really good and serious stuff as Tetsuo has to figure out his next plan. Then Kyouichi forces Tetsuo to come home and look at the pot with the decomposed body which was more drama.

Then Tetsuo’s wife comes around with laxatives and all that tension is ruined as Tetsuo is explaining how a program to track keystrokes works while having to poop and then that funny reveal of Tetsuo having to poop in the backyard in front of his daughter because Kyouichi is using that families one bathroom. There is a chess game in motion here with Kyouichi and Tetsuo’s family going back and forth, but you can’t have random comedy like that out of nowhere.

Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch From Mercury Season 2 Episode 5

I’m finding this episode so hard to write about this week because G-Witch season 2, from episode to episode, had been such a pain train. This feels like the smaller scale pain train, but it is a far more personal one because betrayal comes from the heart right? This episode is the downfall of Suletta before she inevitably comes back in we probably can’t expect later. I never expected an episode like this to happen and yet it was beautiful and well crafted with how it did on almost every corner with its character complexity and how much it hurts in the end.

This episode was focused on the last duel every seen at Asticassia School of Technology and it is between Guel Jeturk who seeks to take the Aeriel away from Suletta and then Suletta who wishes to see the Earth House stop being abused like criminals. So there is all of that tension and character direction from the last four episodes put into this one duel. Elan gets kicked out of the tomato sanctuary before hand for being a creep and Suletta also turns down Guel’s love confession and then we have the duel happen.

It seems like the duel is going to go the way of usual duels with Suletta as she dominates duels and Guel has ptsd carry over from other times he has piloted recently. Then Miorine drops the hammer and Suletta loses. I don’t think want Guel to win, but he wanted to rebuild his Jeturk house and Suletta is finally free from control of her gundam and her mother’s demands which is what Miorine wanted even if her parting words were so mean. Prospera switches her object of abuse to Miorine to fulfill all of her goals. No Suletta is without anyone and man, we have to go into a one week break like this? Damn man. Damn.

Ranking of Kings: The Treasure Chest of Courage Episode 4

Man, this show is good for what it is with telling side stories and filling in gaps. I wasn’t expecting an episode like this with Ouken at all. Ranking of Kings is dark and dirty when it wants to be, right? So was Ouken’s backstory as the third brother of a mad king who was seeking immortality through torching countless victims while the Underworld was at war. Desha does take the role of king after killing his father, though the two are worried as Ouken slowly gains immortality but loses his mind. All of the heavy elements regarding the immortality here is crazy. I wish we knew about this during the series itself.


  1. Heavenly Delusion: The hilarity of this episode:
    Maru and Kiru find themselves fighting A BEAR!
    Kiru using the promise of boobs to get Maru to get the battery back, and he’s in action before the sentence is even finished!
    Trying various tactics to try and convince Maru to not go through with it, but the man was made a promise and he is set on collecting!
    The hotel landlady barging in to completely block him… just to throw herself at him instead and try to charge him for it!

    Now, here’s an interesting detail. When Maru was able to do with her whatever he does with Man-Eaters, that, combined with her mischievous sexual advances, made me wonder about something. We know that Maru and Tokio look alike, and suddenly I was curious if she looked like anyone in the facility. My first thought was actually that fellow mischievous girl who showed Tokio the “babies” a couple episodes back, so I went back and checked. It turned out I was wrong about that, but as I was trying to get a good look at her face, I happened on the scene with the two kissing girls again. We only see it for a moment, but one of the girls looks just like little miss landlady, right down to the hair, just minus the bandana.

    This cannot be a coincidence.

    Now my thoughts turn to Maru and Tokio themselves. Tokio does not seem to have any special abilities, though it may just be that they haven’t had the right circumstance in which to manifest, but Maru is definitely strange. He is above-average in physical abilities and he can do that Touch thing. So why is he the one on the outside while Tokio is in the facility? Did they get switched or mixed up or something?

    Speaking of Tokio, she called the entity in her dreams, “Asura.” The same name as the one who is supposedly dead, complete with a grave, whose “birth itself was a sin.” I am VERY wary of anyone called, “Asura,” is stories, because of the Asuras of Hindu mythology. They were demons that got jilted by the gods and went on a very long tear, being enemies of humanity and all that. So now this Asura is appearing in Tokio’s dream, tormenting her with horrible visions, and I wonder if this entity has anything to do with what killed their friend, and the thing that was found in his corpse.

    And *why* is the security system covering for the children’s illicit activities? It’s clearly not acting according to its programming, so does that make it a danger to the children and the staff? Is Asura within the machine somehow?

    Anyway, moving on.

    Hell’s Paradise:
    I am simply going to say, “Told you so.” 😉

    Witch From Mercury:
    So Miorine betrays Suletta, working in cahoots with Guel as well as Suletta’s own manipulative mother. They just hurt her very badly, and very coldly, without offering any explanation whatsoever. Things are as complicated as they’ve ever been, but the workings of this massive web have simply come together to crush Suletta with the hands of the very people she cared for most. She just lost a huge chunk of her entire world. How can she heal from that?


    1. Heavenly Delusion: It’s hard to say what is and isn’t a coincidence considering how the show is wrapped in mysteries. It’s hard to say whether or not that orphanage and our two protagonist’s adventures are happening at the same time or the orphanage is a backstory or possibly the near future. It does give me something to think about.

      Hell’s Paradise: FINE *hmpph*

      Witch From Mercury:

      I feel like Suletta had to be broken away from her mother to finally become her own person. Otherwise, she never thought for herself besides some small moments that is outside of her trying to be useful or listening to her mother’s words on her next instructions. I don’t think that break through would clean or easy and while Suletta is lost now I think she will grow stronger from it.

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      1. Small detail: Miorine said nothing about Prospera’s involvement. She hasn’t actually been broken out from under her just yet, though that certainly needs to happen.

        True, we don’t know at all the timing of what’s happening in Heavenly Delusion. All things considered, more time seems to be passing for the duo than for the kids. About the only indicator we have is the one girl who dreamed about them coming to the facility, so they’re probably meant to coincide at some point.

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