About Me

Hi everybody, my name is Scott and this is my first time running a blog.  I have been a fan of anime for a long time.  Ever since 2000, I have been completely enthralled with it.  Thank you Toonami.  I needed a place to talk about anime the way I want to, so I started a blog.  Hopefully you don’t mind reading my ramblings.

Currently, I live in Western Washington State around the Seattle area.  I have a degree in mechanical engineering, but I currently work in manufacturing.  I help produce parts that get used in 737’s and various other planes.  These aren’t wings, but ducting and I am not sure where the other parts go.  It’s not engineering yet, but it’s a start.  If you have noticed, I don’t have a set schedule.  This is because I work 40 hours a week and have a lot of other activities that I like to do after work.  Sometimes it’s just hard to watch anime.

Some things I like to do for fun are play trumpet in a community band and church, reading, playing video games when I have the time, watching anime, tv shows, and movies.  Thank you for giving this blog a look or even following if you are one of those special people.

Notes on the blog:

-I am slowly pulling away from putting review in titles That doesn’t mean I have stopped doing them. Right now, I am experimenting with my content. To make it interesting and refreshing in some ways.

-i like talking about seasonal shows as will as older shows. I try to live a balanced existence.

-Discussion posts are a lot of fun and I try to be as unique with my topics as I can.

-Animesque are things that are inspired or close enough to anime in my eyes to get on here.  I want more people to know about these things.

-I also started doing some episodic reviews. I wasn’t sure if I was into that at first, but doing one show a seasonal or random amount of time doesn’t seem to be to bad for me. Especially if I can go in depth into as a series as I want to.

For those of you who are interested in my anime watch history, this is my myanimelist profile.

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    1. Scott says:

      Thank you so much. I’ll work on this as soon as possible.

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